We're Trying

Married couple Amanda and AAl break out of their comfort zone and try new things

Latest episode: 12 - Victoria, BC

Amanda and AAl take in the sights in Victoria, British Columbia.

11 - Christmas Panto / Diagon Alley

Amanda and AAl see a British-style Christmas Pantomime and visit an amateur replica of Harry Potter's Diagon Alley in Seattle.

10 - Living Computer Museum / Cheeses

Amanda and AAl visit Seattle's Living Computer Museum and try a number of new (to them) cheeses.

9 - Escape-the-Room Game

Amanda and AAl gather up a gaggle of friends and try two different escape-the-room games.

8 - Danger! Pressure Cooker / Indoor Skydiving

Amanda and AAl buy a pressure cooker and go indoor skydiving.

7 - Phone-Based Scavenger Hunt

Amanda and AAl try Metrodemic.

6 - Official Bad Art Museum of Art / Vegemite & Marmite

Amanda and AAl visit the Official Bad Art Museum of Art and try both vegemite and marmite.

5 - Renton!

Amanda and AAl explore their hometown.

4 - A Weekend at the Beach

Amanda and AAl spend a couple of days in Seaside, OR and do a bunch of traditionally touristy things.

3 - Ape Caves

Amanda and AAl take a day trip to the inaccurately-named Ape Caves in southern Washington.

2 - Virtual Reality / Board Games

Amanda and AAl try their hand at games, both physical and virtual.

1 - Center for Wooden Boats / Dragonfruit

Amanda and AAl visit the most renowned tourist attraction in Seattle (apparently) and sample the very misleadingly named dragonfruit.