The Master's Degree in Architecture-Conservation is a 2-years programme taught entirely in English at Sapienza University of Rome. It is equivalent to the Italian title "Laurea Magistrale" and Italian classification of the field of study: LM-4 Architecture and architectural engineering. If you would like to study in Italian you can apply for curriculum Architettura-Restauro.

The Programme is managed by Faculty of Architecture - Department "History, Representation and Restoration of Architecture". Programme coordinator is Professor Nicola Santopuoli.

Architecture-Conservation, which focuses mainly on architectural heritage, aims to train students to consolidate and preserve existing architectural and environmental heritage and develop high-quality projects that take into account the relation between new projects, the environment and the historical aspects.

The programme brings together a range of different disciplines, including humanities and technical-scientific subjects, to prepare students to work as architects with specific competences in building processes and the conservation of existing structures. In particular, the two-year programme will delve deeper into the main competences acquired with the Bachelor's Degree and will address:

  • historical-critical and historical-technical analysis of architecture, ranging from individual projects to the landscape and environment as a whole;
  • architectural project design, execution, practice and conservation of existing architectural structures;
  • specific scientific knowledge and critical know-how.

Final certificate "Master's Degree in Architecture-Conservation" has the same validity and it is recognized at the same level of all other Italian, UE and worldly university master's degrees (Level 7 - ISCED 2011). Furthermore, English as language of instruction will be highlighted.

According to the Italian Law, Master's Degree in Architecture-Conservation (LM-4) is a mandatory requirement to become a professional Architect, Territorial Planning (Pianificatore territoriale), Civil and Enviromental Engineer (Ingegnere civile e ambientale), Landscape Architect (Paesaggista), Conservator-Restorer of the Architectural and Environmental Heritage (Conservatore dei beni architettonici e ambientali). Graduate students can take part in the State professional exam for become member in the professional Order of Architects (Section A). Graduated students, after passing the relative State professional exam can practice in the European Union member countries and officially be recognized as architects (Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council issued by 07/09/2005).

Moreover, it allows to access to the PhD programs, to the second-level italian professional master or to the Specialization School (post-graduated) of Architecture, e.g. Sapienza Specialization School of Architecture in "Beni Architettonici e del Paesaggio".

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