Named for its founder and Dean of the UNC Charlotte Graduate School, Tom Reynolds, the Reynolds Fellowship assists with research costs often overlooked in other funding sources to help students living on tight budgets fill in the income gaps. The donor supported grant provides up to $1,500 to doctoral students who have completed three semesters, and to master’s students who have completed at least one semester. The funds are available to currently enrolled students to support program specific research or scholarship (e.g., thesis or dissertation research but not a class project). The award is intended to defray costs for conducting clearly defined research relating to the student’s graduate program of study.

Student applications are matched in the NinerScholars portal based on the following criteria:

  • Acceptable expenditures of grant funds will be broadly interpreted. The awards may be used to purchase materials and supplies, travel required for the research or to present findings at professional meetings, books, journals or other materials needed to support a student’s research program.
  • Awards are for a 12 month period beginning from the date the funds are awarded and require a final report at the end of the grant period.
  • At the time of applications Doctoral students must have completed at least 3 semesters and Masters students at least one semester.
  • Students may apply and receive more than one grant but for multiple grants the cumulative total may not exceed $3000.
  • Applicants who have applied before and have not received an award may apply again.
  • Awards will not be granted for retroactive payments.
  • Students may utilize grant funds only while enrolled in The Graduate School at UNC Charlotte. Should students graduate or otherwise depart the University prior to completion of the project and/or expenditure of funds, funds must be returned to The Graduate School.
  • Must be in good academic standing in a degree granting program.
  • Completed at least 3 semesters as a doctoral student or completed 1 semester as a master’s student.
  • The proposed research project or activity directly relates to and helps achieve progress towards his or her degree

Submission Requirements:

The reviewing committee includes faculty from different colleges, so the application narrative should be written for an "informed lay audience." Applicants who use jargon or specialized technical terms may not be clearly understood and, as a result, may be rated lower.

The document should be in Microsoft Word (.PDF) format, and double-spaced using Times New Roman, 12point and one-inch margins. The proposal should be submitted as one PDF document (not to exceed 10 pages total).

Application Content: The proposal should include the following elements:

  • Cover Sheet – 1 page limit 1. Title of proposed project 2. PI Information (name and email), 3. Name of advisor or sponsoring faculty member.
  • Project Narrative – 3 page limit 1. Problem statement (or need for the project), 2. objective(s), and methodology of the proposed project. 3. Timeline for project (estimated dates) 4 All references cited.
  • Budget – 1 page limit 1. Explain the costs associated with the propose project (include any additional funding from other sources if applicable). 2. Items that are not adequately justified may be disallowed. Your budget request should not exceed $1,500.
  • Budget Worksheet – 1 page limit Excel spreadsheet.
  • Resume - 1 page limit
  • IRB or IACUC approval letter (if approval is necessary and approved)
  • Reference Letter from Advisor or sponsoring faculty member

Evaluation and selection will be based on:

  1. Merit of the proposed research
  2. Originality of the research
  3. Qualification and past performance of the applicant
  4. Supporting references
  5. Reasonableness of budget

The Selection Committee will complete the review of properly formatted applications and forward their decisions to the Dean of the Graduate School who will notify recipients within one week of the Committee’s recommendation report. Students who receive an award must submit a final report to the Dean of the Graduate School at the completion of the project. The final report should include a 2-page summary of results and a list of expenditures.

Publications resulting from this research should acknowledge support from the Thomas L. Reynolds Graduate Student Research Award and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Award: Up to $1,500 (individual award maximum).

Deadline to apply: March 23, 2020

For more information, please contact Julie Green.