Student Leadership

There are many opportunities at Townley to take on leadership positions in all year groups. As you can see from the Leadership journey below and the pages at the top, there are pastoral, academic and extra-curricular responsibilities. There are also many ways that you can practise and develop your leadership skills.

Hi! My name is Anu and I am the Head Girl for 2022/2023. My role as Head Girl is challenging but also very rewarding, I am proud to represent such a diverse community who are so intelligent and talented in all ways. I hope in the following year I continue to ensure that every student’s voice and opinion is heard and that everyone is fairly represented. During my time at Townley I have been extremely privileged in terms of the leadership opportunities I have been given. In Year 9 I had the opportunity to be a Sports Leader where I helped run sports clubs, sports day for primary schools and took part in several leadership programmes. In my more senior years of Townley I really challenged myself and took as many leadership roles as I could which ranged from STEM leader to Senior House Captain and Head Girl. Being Senior House Captain taught me so much. Before this role I never had to organise such big events and work in such a big team where everyone had such different ideas. Learning how to compromise so everyone’s ideas are included and planning events in such a short amount of time is stressful but they are very valuable skills to have. My leadership journey has been a very long one as I have grown from a quiet, shy Year 7 to a more confident Year 13 and I can’t wait to see where my leadership journey takes me.