Assistive Technology

Software Available on TDSB SEA Computers:

Read and Write is designed to provide literacy support to all students for completing reading, writing and research tasks. Teachers and students have access to the full suite of Read and Write tools in Chrome, Windows and Edge. Read and Write can also be used with Mac, iOS and Android devices.

Boardmaker Studio lets you create print materials and communication boards, with visual communication symbols, pictures and graphics. There are templates available to create interactive activities for students.

Clicker 6 is an easy to use writing support and multi media tool that provides fast, on screen grids, with or without sound and pictures, for writing with letters, whole words and/or phrases. Teachers can download a copy of this software for home use.

Smart Ideas is a graphic organizer program that supports students by helping them organize information prior to writing. It uses symbols, images, colour and multimedia. Teachers can download a copy of this software for home use.

ActivInspire is used to create lessons on interactive whiteboards. It can be used with whole class, small group and/or independent work. It provides multiple means of action and expression. Teachers can download a copy of this software for home use. Parents/students can also download a home version.

Dragon 11 is a speech recognition software program that allows students to dictate spoken words that are converted to text. This can be used with any program.

The above software is available on all SEA claim computers. It can be added to any Windows-based TDSB computer (see the Read and Write Installs page for more information). If you are looking for other software that does not appear on the Academic image of your computer, please put the request in by contacting the Client Service desk:

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