Hybrid Teacher-Coach

Chris Meyer, York Mills C. I.

The Hybrid Teacher-Coach is a practicing teacher who can provide subject-specific and general pedagogical support for teachers' professional learning.

This is a prototype role as part of a new Teaching and Learning Initiative in the TDSB.

Please contact christopher.meyer@tdsb.on.ca if you would like to arrange some professional learning. I am available for full days at my school (York Mills C.I.) and afternoons at other schools. It is helpful if you can arrange some release time so we have a full day or afternoon to work together.

Forms of Support

  • exploration classroom: observe my grade 11 physics class at York Mills C. I. and explore ideas for your own teaching
  • one-on-one discussion and planning: at York Mills after an exploration classroom or in the afternoon at your school
  • workshops for groups or departments: at your school or York Mills
  • long-term mentorship and support: one day is not enough to make meaningful changes to one's teaching, we can arrange for multiple visits and stay connected electronically

Content Expertise

  • grade 11 and 12 physics
  • grade 10 optics
  • grade 9 electricity
  • grade 9 astronomy

Pedagogical Expertise

  • Collaborative Group Work
  • Inquiry
  • The Science of Learning
  • Assessment and Global Competencies
  • Sense-making and Mathematics
  • Student Engagement and Success

Scheduled Workshops

Click on the workshop title listed below for more information. I encourage larger groups of teachers to attend regularly scheduled workshops, where we can explore subject content and pedagogy deeply with wide-ranging, group discussions.

Sign up below if you are interested in attending a workshop. Please note that teachers will need to arrange for release time with their administration - ask about using the student success budget! Newish teachers can use JELI/JAM days! (choose "board professional learning opportunity")


Please note that access to these resources folders is limited to TDSB staff. Contact Chris directly if you need help. You can find more resources at his personal website: www.meyercreations.com/physics

Are you looking for physics teaching resources? I have a whole page with lots to help you out: Everything You Need for Teaching Physics

Classroom Resources

Workshop Files

Physics teachers at Earl Haig have put together a fun and excellent set of instructional videos for grade 11 and 12 physics. Check out: http://earlhaig.ca/departments/science/physicsreview.php

The website of Roberta Tevlin has a great selection of resources for grade 9 science, grade 12 physics, and an interdisciplinary engineering design course. Her lessons have a strong inquiry and hands-on focus. http://roberta.tevlin.ca/

Pedagogy in Action: Watch Chris Teach and Lead Workshops

Classroom Videos

Presentations and Workshops