Simplify Your Browser: OneTab

It's the end of the day, you have a million tabs open in your web browser. You need to keep them all for tomorrow, but how do you save them? How do you organize them in a way that makes sense? OneTab is the answer to your question and helps you maintain your sanity.

The Problem

Over the last few weeks, I've seen teachers struggle with a frustrating problem. Trying to figure out which open tab on her browser is the right one to open. As you open more tabs, the tab gets smaller and you can't read the web site title. Pretty soon, your machine starts to feel sluggish, which enhances the frustration.

Chrome splits every tab, plugin, and extension into its own process. If one thing crashes, it doesn’t bring down the whole web page, or all your tabs at once. This can lead to higher memory (aka RAM) usage, since it has to duplicate some tasks for every tab. (Source: Lifehacker)

"OneTab is the quickest way, with only one click, to store all of your open tabs into a list. Once they are in your list, OneTab makes it much easier to scan over, delete, label and manage your list of saved tabs."

OneTab makes Browsing Easier

OneTab is a browser add-on/extension that makes it easier to keep track of your browser tabs. It saves your decision-making power for more important decisions, while safeguarding your open tabs.

Share your OneTab tab group or ALL your tab groups as a web page with others, such as your students.

A Closer Look

This free Chrome/Firefox extension offers many benefits. Those appear below the image (courtesy of Sheri Edwards)


  • Save open tabs. Pull all your open tabs into ONE tab

  • Make tab groups. Organizing your tabs (links) into sections called tab groups

  • Share tab groups. You can share your tab groups with others via QR code or URL.

  • Lock tab groups to prevent link loss. Every time you click on a link in OneTab, it disappears from the list. You can "lock" the tab group so that the link doesn't disappear.

  • Star tab groups. When you star a tab group, it moves to the top of the tab group list.

  • Export tab groups, then import them into another browser or save as backup.


Let's take a quick look at OneTab in action.

What are your takeaways?