Sharing Content via Seesaw

New to Seesaw? Learn how to quickly share free amazing content via Seesaw. This will be a great intro to Seesaw.

Session Topics

  • Types of Seesaw Apps

  • Importance of Home Learning Codes

  • Sharing Links, Video Content with Students

  • Seesaw Learning Activities

  • Where to Find Resources

  • Check Seesaw Status - Up or Not?

Types of Seesaw Apps

Get students to enter their Home Learning Codes in this app.

Get parents/family to enter their information in response to an invitation via this app.

Home Learning Codes for Remote Learning

Did you get this message when trying to access Home Learning Codes in Seesaw for Schools?

That may mean that your school/district Seesaw administrator has turned off Home Learning Codes.


As the message says, you will need that Seesaw Administrator to turn them on. Here are the instructions your Seesaw Administrator will need.

That's important because Home Learning Codes are unique to each student.

Student use of Home Learning Codes prevents students from seeing each other's work.

Learning Activities in Seesaw

Home Learning Activities

Seesaw has made every effort to assist educators and provide them with ready-to-use, grade level appropriate activities.


Be sure to check out Pondering Dan's Seesaw video series, or youtube playlist, which begins with the video to the left. Some of the topics:

  • Seesaw: Creating an Activity in Seesaw

  • Creating an Activity in Seesaw

  • Checking Activities and Skills View

  • How to Add YouTube Links to a Seesaw Activity

  • Responding to Activities in Seesaw

and a few more worth checking out!

Links to resources

Seesaw Help LIVE!

Did You Know?

You can type in a text shortcut shown left and this will insert an icon for you. This is great for younger students who may not know the word(s) but do understand the icon.

Check Seesaw Status

Is Seesaw up or down? You can check on Seesaw's status via their website.