Make Resource Sharing with Students Easy

Wish you had an easy way to create a collection of resources to share with students and staff? Come along as we explore Wakelet as an easy resource.


Big Question

"How can you assist learners process ideas and information faster?"

Let's explore TWO key ideas that can help us answer this question.

Key #1 - The Modality Effect (d=0.55)

This instructional strategy (modality effect) accelerates student learning.

The modality effect refers to how learner performance depends on the presentation mode. Improve learning when you present textual information in enhanced mode. That is, when text includes auditory format, and/or visual materials. Visual materials could include a graph, diagram, or animation.

Source: Visible Learning Meta X database

The Modality Effect is a surface learning strategy. That is, it is best used to introduce students to concepts, skills, and/or strategies. Strategies seek to help students gain requisite knowledge needed to move forward to deep learning.

Key #2 - Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

In Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Checkpoint 2.5 suggests we encourage students to learn to "Illustrate through multiple media."

Text, a weak format for presenting concepts, often dominates classroom materials. For learners who have text- or language-related disabilities, it may be ineffective.

How Do You Overcome That?

One way to overcome that is to provide alternative activities that involve processing information via:

a) illustrations,

b) simulations,

d) images

e) interactive graphics

f) infographics

The WakeLet Connection

Wakelet is an all-purpose, FREE, digital pinboard or social bookmarking site that makes it easy to add a wide variety of content to it. If you can link to a resource, then you can add it to Wakelet.

If you like tools like Pinterest and Pocket, then you’ll love Wakelet. It is easy to use with students, too. Students do not need accounts.

Hands-On with Wakelet

Exploring Project Ideas

  • Check out the 'Remote Learning Hub' for all of Wakelet's remote learning resources. Feel free to download the 'remote learning guide' and share it with teachers in your school or network to help them get started on Wakelet in 3 simple steps!

  • Wakelet has created the Community showcase to help you discover the best content and resources created by our awesome educators - many of which are remote learning collections!

  • For families Wakelet created a 'family learning guide to Wakelet' to help them engage their students at home.