Revvin' Up: Accelerate Your Google Drive Work

Revvin' Up: Accelerate Your Google Drive Work

Need a refresher on organizing your digital documents with Google Drive? Maybe you need to share videos via Drive, or collaborate on class schedules? Google Drive is the tool for you. Come along as we revisit key ideas.

The Problem

Many have jumped into Google Drive but they don't know how to organize Google Drive documents.

Lots of incoming shared items, print documents, or share documents easily. Others are wondering how they can share video recordings to Google Drive or edit PDFs. Some are receiving email attachments and then saving them to their computer, then to Drive. Others can't find anything.

How can we make this better?

1-Finding Files in Drive

Google Drive has a built-in search, but what if you're not in Google Drive when you need to look? Use Quick Search for Google Drive. This extension makes it easy to use your omnibar in your Chrome/Chromium browser. A similar extension is OmniDrive.

Google Drive's Built-In Search

  • Requires you to be logged into Google Drive

  • Presents a drop-down list that disappears when you select an item (inconvenient!)

  • Makes you wonder if you're getting ALL the results

Quick Search for Google Drive

  • Lets you quickly search files in Google Drive™ and get results using the address bar

  • Lets you use the omnibar to get quick results from your Google Drive™.

  • Just type "drive" to the address bar then enter your query.

2- Shared With Me...Where?

Did someone share something with you and you're not sure where to look? While your email may be a great place to look FIRST, you can always look in the SHARED WITH ME area in Google Drive.

When you open your Shared with me items, you will get a list that looks similar to the one below...note that you can right-click to

If you RIGHT-CLICK on a specific item, you will see a menu like the one shown can add a SHORTCUT to Drive so you can find it easier, as well as ADD TO STARRED.

3- Organizing Your Google Drive

Here are some suggestions for organizing your Google Drive. I’d like to suggest you do the following:

  1. Limit yourself to a few top-level folders.

    • Don't make specific folders that may house only a few files.

    • Do create a few top-level folders that will serve as the catch-all for your files.

  2. Skip making many subfolders to store project specific information. No sub-folders.

  3. Label your folders well. Include the name, and add tags that might help others find things.

  4. Use color coding.

  5. Add emojis.

This video covers content you might encounter in Google Educator Level 1, which covers a lot of what you need to know to get comfy with Google Drive. Watch it!

4- Printing Google Doc Files

If you need to print Google document formatted files such as GSHEET, GDOC, or GSLIDES, then take advantage of Kami’s Split and Merge tool. You can access it via your browser.

Your goal is to create a single PDF file of ALL the files you want to print in Google Drive.

Kami allows you to select the files you want; then you can click their EXPORT ALL button to get a single PDF file. You’ll be able to save that PDF file to your computer or Google Drive.

5- Saving Stuff to Google Drive

Save Email Attachments to Drive