Welcome to the

TAMU Math Circle!

Welcome to TAMU Math Circle!

The Texas A&M Math Circle is an outreach activity that brings 5th - 12th grade students into direct contact with mathematical professionals in an informal setting to work on interesting topics in mathematics. The goal is to help students become passionate about math.  Our instructors range from professors and graduate students at Texas A&M to experts from industry, all of whom are eager to share with students their passion for mathematics and its applications.

For the Spring 2023 semester, we will have Saturday meetings on 1/28, 2/4, 2/11, 2/18, 2/25, 3/4, 3/25, 4/22, 4/29, and 5/6.

NOTE: 3/11 & 3/18 are cancelled meetings due to Texas A&M's Spring Break, and 4/8 is cancelled due to the day falling on Easter weekend.

April 1 is the Texas A&M Physics Festival (https://physicsfestival.tamu.edu/), and April 15 is the Texas A&M Mathematics & Statistics Festival (website not yet updated; a link to last year's festival can be found at https://www.math.tamu.edu/outreach/mam/). These events are open to the general public and we encourage all of our Math Circle students to attend.

There are two types of sessions being offered:

Each is offered at three levels:

All 6 groups are meeting in person with the exception that the Advanced Problem Solving group will be meeting in a hybrid form, both in-person and on-line via Zoom. If you have questions about attending the Advanced Problem Solving group via Zoom, please contact Guoliang Yu <guoliangyu@tamu.edu>.

The in-person events will take place on the third floor of the Blocker building. Drop-off and pick-up will be inside of Room 128.

Next Meeting (February 25, 2023):

February 25, 2023

Discovery Learning: Beginner Group (Pre-Algebra and below)

Speaker: Erika Gonzalez Brizuela, Texas A&M University

Title: Sprigs

Abstract: In this activity, students will try to be the last to draw a curve (sprig) by  joining a set of dots. Based on the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival activity, Sprigs, students will develop their own strategies to always win the round. As new rules are introduced, students will have to modify their strategy and discover what determines the winner in any scenario.   

Discovery Learning: Intermediate Group (in Algebra I or above)

Speaker: Agniva Dasgupta, Texas A&M University

Title: De Brujin Sequences

Abstract: De Bruijn sequences are fun combinatorial objects that have some nice applications in biology, cryptography and graph theory. A De Bruijn sequence of window length k is a zero/one sequence of length 2^k such that every k consecutive digits appear only once (we are allowed to cycle around the corner). It is not at all obvious that these exist. We will discuss a simple way to see explicitly how they exist, via some elegant graph theory. If there is time, (and enough people!) we can discuss a simple (but impressive) card trick based off these sequences.  

Discovery Learning: Advanced Group (in Algebra II or above)

Speaker: Dr. Phil Yasskin, Texas A&M University

Title: The a+b+ab Problem

Abstract: Write down the numbers from 1 to 100. Randomly select 2 numbers from the list, say a and b, and cross them off, but add to the list the number a+b+ab. You now have 99 numbers. Repeat this process until you have only 1 number left. What are all possible final numbers?

Problem-Solving: Beginner Group

Instructors:  Dr. Kun Wang (Texas A&M), Dr. Irina Bobkova  (Texas A&M), and Dr. Guangbo Xu (Texas A&M)

Problem-Solving: Intermediate Group

Instructors: Xiaoyu Su (Texas A&M), Dr. Jinmin Wang (Texas A&M),  and Dr. Bo Zhu(Texas A&M)

Problem-Solving: Advanced Group

Instructors:  Andrew Yu (Phillips Academy), Dr. Sherry Gong (Texas A&M), and  Dr. Zhizhang Xie (Texas A&M)

Below is the May 12, 2018 graduation. (Photo taken by JJ)