Welcome to the

TAMU Math Circle!

The next Math Circle meeting is Sept 22, 2018, at 2:00 in BLOC 220. Please register and pay now. If the $100 registration fee would be a hardship, see the registration page about getting a waiver. The Beginner group will be in BLOC 220, the Intermediate group will be in BLOC 203, and the Advanced group will be in BLOC 202.

We meet on the second floor of the Blocker Building, Room 220, on the Texas A&M Campus from 2:00 to 4:00 PM on Saturdays. From 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM we have an optional problem-solving session. Below are the details of the Math Circle Activities for the upcoming Saturday.

This Week:

Beginner Group: BLOC 220

Speaker: David Sykes, Texas A&M University

Title: Varignon Parallelograms

Abstract: This activity will guide students to discover a striking relationship between midpoints of sides of quadrilaterals. Afterwards we will explore why these patterns can be generalized.

Intermediate Group: BLOC 203

Speaker: Colleen Delaney, University of California-Santa Barbara

Title: Math of Quantum Materials

Abstract: In this workshop we'll use elementary and middle-school level math to explore the quantum world. We'll encounter the distributive property and sequences of numbers, but the only prerequisite is knowing our times tables! We will talk about what the word "quantum" means and the role that math plays in the physical sciences. We'll also learn how quantum materials might be used to build the next generation of computers.

Advanced Group: BLOC 202

Speaker: Philip Yasskin, Texas A&M University

Title: Search Engines

Abstract: If a search engine finds 5 websites which meet the criterion of a search, in what order should the results be listed (ignoring any financial incentive from the owner of the sites)? We will be learning about steady state vectors of probability matrices.

Problem-Solving Beginner Group: BLOC 205

Instructor: Dr. Shilin Yu

Problem-Solving Intermediate Group: BLOC 203

Instructor: Dr. Hao Guo

Problem-Solving Advanced Group: BLOC 202

Instructors: Dr. Zhizhang Xie and Dr. Guoliang Yu

Below is the May 12, 2018 graduation.