A Catholic Education

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A children's introduction

Please watch the video for an introduction to the Catholic Education side of our school led by our children.

‘We grow, learn and achieve by following Christ’.

We aim to do this by;

  • Fostering a life of faith through experience of a wide variety of prayer and liturgy.

  • Developing a Catholic practice.

  • Encouraging social and moral values which enable the children to respect themselves and others.

  • Continuing to develop a partnership with parents, parish and the wider community.

  • Providing a stimulating learning environment.

  • Showing a generosity of spirit in relationships.

  • Reviewing and evaluating our methods and practices.

We are a sign of God’s presence to each person we meet and we aim to create an environment where each person, regardless of race, religion, colour, sex, age, language, ability, job, background or family circumstance, feels valued and encouraged to develop a sense of worth, dignity, security and belonging.