University Information

Please note that VIS endeavours to provide the best advice possible to students about university entry, but final responsibility for understanding these requirements and making courses selections accordingly rests with the student and his/her family.  Please be sure that you have understood relevant university, course, and level requirements BEFORE making your course selections.

Choosing a university or college is more than just selecting a place to study, it is a major step towards becoming independent; it is the beginning of your adult life and thus it is a process that will require much careful thought, discussion and planning.  It is also a process that should underpin your programme and course choice for the Diploma Years.

Grades 11 and 12 are a time when you will be doing much more than just studying for your IB exams: they are a time for personal growth, of recognising your own potential and accepting responsibility for your own future. If you start early enough and use the resources and advice available to you, you will be able to take well informed decisions about which universities and colleges to apply to and select a college or university that will suit your needs.

The Vienna International School recognises that going to college/university is the culmination of 12 years of schooling and is a major step in your life; it also recognises that the university/college selection process is one that requires much time and discussion between students, parents, teachers and Counsellors. 

It is important that you familiarise yourself with the contents of The University and College Counselling Handbook for VIS Students .  You are encouraged to meet with your Counsellor if you have any questions concerning your college/university application. Remember that it is you who is going to college/university and you must take ownership of the process and responsibility for its outcome. This guide is not designed to provide you with all the answers; it is designed as a starting point for your research and as a guide for you as you navigate the application process.

And finally, if you do not find the information you need, or if you have any questions or concerns, schedule an appointment with your University Counsellor: 

Mr Duff for  students with family name A-K and Ms Rance for students with family name L -Z