Colorado Standing Committee on
First Responder Safety

One Scene. One Culture. Save Lives.

Governor's Task Force on First Responder Safety

Colorado’s first responders are highly-trained professionals. Yet, our emergency incident response procedures, and the way we perform our respective public service/safety work on the roadside, must evolve to protect our safety and that of the motoring public.

Everybody’s coordinated, cooperative actions count to quickly and safely restore traffic flow. Together, we can minimize everyone’s exposure through communication and synchronization of roadway incident management.

Ambulance Picture
Colorado State Patrol Vehicle Picture

Led by the Colorado State Patrol, the Governor’s Task Force on Responder Safety was created in 2017 to encourage Colorado responders to pivot from individual agency response techniques (fire, enforcement, EMS, tow/recovery, utility, maintenance, and others), to training and working closely under “One Scene, One Culture”. When responders act as one unified team to fulfill their own areas of responsibility, they can skillfully clear the scene and get everyone off the road safely.

Roadside culture change is not for responders alone–motorists and pedestrians also play a vital role. Drivers should know their roles and responsibilities as they navigate traffic events to minimize risk to themselves and others as they pass by/through scenes.

We Accept the Challenge to:


Train together in Traffic Incident Management.


Master quick clearance techniques.


Educate the public when approaching roadside events.

One Scene. One Culture. Save Lives