Traffic Incident Management Library

Access an extensive library of TIM tools such as manuals, guidelines, templates and more.

Lots of valuable information and resources are available to help improve your TIM Program and TIM Teams.  Browse the information contained below with links to full information and documents to download. 

TIM Responder Courses

In-Person TIM Responder Course Training 

The National TIM Responder Training Program was developed by responders for responders, and was designed to promote consistent training of all responders to achieve the three objectives of the TIM National Unified Goal (NUG):

• Responder Safety

• Safe, Quick Clearance

• Prompt, Reliable, Interoperable Communications

The target audience for this course is all TIM disciplines, including: Communications, Emergency Management, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Fire/Rescue, Law Enforcement, Towing and Recovery, and Transportation/Public Works.

Online TIM Responder Course Remote Learning Opportunity

The National Highway Institute (NHI) web-based four-hour TIM responder course is perfect for individuals that are unable to join an in-person course. The lessons are narrated and include knowledge check questions.

Accessing the web-based training will require the creation of a NHI account. 

Use the links to the left for more information and steps on how to set up a NHI training account.

TIM Resources

Colorado TIM Teams Resources

Dispatcher Crash Reference Card - Downloadable card to help remind 9-1-1 professionals to ask callers if a crash can be moved before first responders arrive.

Dispatcher Crash Reference Card Instructions - Information on how to implement the use of the Dispatcher Crash Reference Card.

"Slow Down, Mover Over" Card  -   Downloadable card for CSP’s “Slow Down, Move Over” Safety Campaign.

TIM Team Workbook Introduction   -  Introduction: TIM Team Purpose & Organization, and workbook overview.

TIM Team Workbook Section 1   -  Section 1: TIM Team Formation and Documents

TIM Team Workbook Section 2   -  Section 2: Increase Effectiveness of TIM Teams through TIM Training Opportunities

TIM Team Workbook Section 3   -  Section 3: Increase Effectiveness of TIM Team through Planning & Documentation

TIM Team Workbook Section 4   -  Section 4: Effective TIM Team Leadership

Training Video   -  “The Many Hats of Highway Incident Management” video is a satirical representation of how various responders may see and respond to an incident.

TIM Team Workbook Section 5   -  Section 5: Other Helpful Resources & Documents

FHWA TIM Resources

FHWA TIM Toolkit  -  Full web page with abundant resources on how important TIM is to the safety and reliability of our roadways.

FHWA TIM Handbook  -  In-depth explanation of TIM elements, strategies, data, and support.

Best Practices in TIM  -  Task-specific challenges and strategies.

TIM Gap Analysis Primer  -  Description of Primer and summaries of TIM GAP analysis.

Making The Connection  -  Advancing TIM in Transportation Planning.  Summaries and outlines for integrating TIM into transportation planning.

FHWA TIM Website  -  Official TIM website created by the Federal Highway Administration.

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)  -  Full guide on descriptions and procedures for Traffic Control Devices.

 Temporary Traffic Control Guide  -  Full description of the needs of all road users as it pertains to Temporary Traffic Control Devices.

Know Your Role Poster  -  Graphic summary of what to do during an incident.

CDOT TIM Resources

TIM Call To Action Brochure  -  Downloadable and editable power point to create a brochure for your TIM Program.

TIM Plans for Work Zone Guidelines  -  Detailed overview of implementation and monitoring Incident Management plans for work zones.

CDOT Branding Guidelines  -  Information on how to use CDOT logos and branding material.

Emergency Responder Safety Institute

This advisory group of public safety leaders and transportation experts is committed to reducing deaths and injuries to U.S. emergency responders on the nation’s highways and roadways. 

PSA: Move it - First Responder  -  This PSA video addresses the problem of secondary accidents and congestion on the highways caused by minor accidents. In order to stay safe, Move It!

PSA: Slow Down/Move Over  -  This PSA video features real responders who like many of our readers risk their lives daily helping others on the roadways. 

Other Templates and Guides

National Unified Goals for TIM  -  Brochure outlining goal specifics, statement, and strategies to support the Traffic Incident Management National Unified Goals.

TIM Email Template  -  Editable Word document template for invitation to TIM Team Meetings.

TIM Plan Master Template  -  Editable Word document template for creating a TIM Plan. 

TIM Plan Field Guide Template  -  Editable Word document template for creating a TIM Plan field guide.