Services our Volunteers Provide:

East Windsor Rescue Squad District II Inc. staffs every ambulance with at least two New Jersey certified EMTs.

Our primary mission is responding to medical emergencies, but we also serve the Town of East Windsor in other ways:

  • We work with public and private partners to enhance emergency planning and preparedness

  • We support the Town services and injury prevention through reporting and analytic efforts

  • Through community engagement, we educate residents about safety and lifesaving skills

Learn more about our different divisions that make up East Windsor Emergency Medical Services.


The heart of the emergency medical care system in East Windsor, New Jersey is the response to 9-1-1 calls of residents and visitors who are sick, injured, and or ill and require medical attention.

In NJ there is a two-tiered response system. BLS and ALS. Basic Life Support is two NJ Certified EMTs who respond with the ambulance to assess, treat and provide emergency care until the Advanced Life Support arrives and provides more advanced treatment such as IV's and Intubation. The majority of our membership is made up of EMTs. Basic Life Support is the foundation of our organization.


Coming Soon! District II - Squad 146 has secured a donation to bring back Rescue Services to Twin Rivers.

Emergency Preparedness & Clinical Education

As a public safety agency, the East Windsor Rescue Squad District II has broad and far-reaching responsibilities in educating, training, and coordinating with public health and public safety partners in preparation for all-hazard emergencies in the greater East Windsor and Mercer County area.

Incident Management Team

When disaster strikes, not any ordinary public safety agency is equipped to manage the incident. East Windsor Rescue Squad District II has the capabilities to provide high- quality specialized services in the event of an all-hazards response, including but not limited to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive incidents. Our Incident Management Team has been trained by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the FEMA Type 1 Incident Commander of Hurricane Katrina.

Water Rescue

With several bodies of water within our local jursidiction, our water rescue division is growing and is trained in several specialties to include swift water rescue and ice rescue.

Fire Scene Rehabilitation

Fire Rehab is for firefighters to obtain medical evaluation including heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, fluid and food replacement as necessary, and relief from the environment including shade from the sun, fans to cool the area, tents for protection from bad weather conditions, and an area away from the firefighting action for rest and recovery.