We are the busiest 100% Volunteer Ambulance Service in Mercer County, New Jersey

East Windsor Township Rescue Squad District II Inc. is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the mission to provide emergency medical services to the residents who live within East Windsor, Mercer County, NJ. 

November 1973

Twin Rivers residents met with East Windsor Rescue Squad and Hightstown First Aid Squad to form East Windsor Rescue Squad District II to cover Emergency Calls on the Eastern side of the township.

December 1973

An open meeting was held at East Windsor Fire Company II. The meeting was advertised extensively and over 70 people attended. Of those 70, approximately 50 joined the new squad.

January 1974

From January to April of 1974, a 5 point course was given for all new members and about 15 new members became EMT's in May of 1974.

June 1974

On June 1st 1974, E.W. Rescue Squad began riding out of Triangle Publications parking lot with a rig from District I. We had 10 evening crews of 4 or 5 people. Five day crews of 4, and a total of about 70 members. We also had five babysitters to cover the day crews as most of the daytime coverage were women with small children.

November 1974

In November of 1974, the East Windsor Rescue Squad District II building was completed.

District Lines Split 

Greater Services, Prompt Response Times and Community Lifeline Established

January 1976, East Windsor Rescue Squad split into District I covering the western portion of the township and District II covering the eastern section.


United Together! Township Emergency Services organizations stand together and protect East Windsor. 

2010 - East Windsor Township Mayor Janice Mironov Proclaims Emergency Medical Services Week and Recognizes EMT's of the Year!

East Windsor Mayor Janice S. Mironov recognizes EMT’S of the Year: Kira Behen of East Windsor Rescue Squad, District No. 1 and Amanda Brooks of East Windsor Rescue Squad, District II. Pictured (from left to right) are: East Windsor Rescue Squad, District I Chief Scott Prykanowski; Kira Behen, East Windsor Rescue Squad, District I EMT of the Year; East Windsor Mayor Janice Mironov; Amanda Brooks, East Windsor Rescue Squad, District II EMT of the Year, and East Windsor Rescue Squad, District II Deputy Chief Tom Distelcamp.


We took a pause from responding to 911 assignments and focused on community engagement, membership growth and giving back to our community. 

Township Re-Authorizes Twin Rivers District II

In 2018, District II - Twin Rivers became an active responding authorized township ambulance/rescue service again. Our agency became the primary organization and handled a large majority off all 911 assignments in the township.


August 2018 after nearly six months of planning with the municipality, District II - Twin Rivers re-opened and provided ambulance/rescue services to East Windsor Township.  Since August 2018, our membership has more than tripled and we continue to become a strong and united agency. Our volunteers dedicate tens of thousands of hours to East Windsor each year. 


At the request from the township, our agency took over ambulance services on Friday Night, Saturday Day, Saturday Night, Sunday Day and Sunday Night until Monday Morning at 5am. Services from 2014-2018 did not include volunteer service coverage during the above days/hours. This change in service was the largest addition to a single agency service hours since the early 2000s. Only our agency has continuously provided ambulance services 7 days a week since August 2018. This change removed the largest hospital system from providing those services.

2020 - COVID19 Pandemic

Our agency stepped up to the plate and protected our community. We provided uninterrupted services by staffing ambulances around the clock. Our volunteers answered emergency assignments, both day and nights and 24/7 each weekend. Stronger Together, our agency was the busiest of the four township volunteer emergency service organizations. 

We add several electrostatic disinfectant sprayers to protect you and our volunteers! 


United Together, We are the Lifeline to the East Windsor Township Community. When you need an ambulance, we respond. More Assignments, More Members and More Community Events - We are there and We are East Windsor Strong!

Saturday Duty Crew Photo from October 2021. 


We continue to provid uninterrupted services by staffing ambulances around the clock. Our volunteers answered emergency assignments, both day and nights and 24/7 each weekend. Our agency remains the busiest of the four township volunteer emergency service organizations.

In June, our 2006 Ambulance (146-1) was placed out of service. The vehicle was responding to a medical emergency when it suffered a mechanical issue rendering the ambulance from being unable to safely perform its primary purpose. The ambulance was sent to the department of public works for repair. A quote was obtained by the department of public works for  minor repairs; however the repairs did not receive municipal finanical approval. The ambulance remains out of service parked in the public works parking lot. District II only has 1 ambulance to provide emergency medical services. 

District II - Twin Rivers Rescue Volunteers

creates our own agency stractgeic stock pile for personal protective equipment.

Specifically, at zero cost to the Township, we have 40,000 medical isolation gowns available for our volunteers. 

Compared to 2020 during a global pandemic when it was extremely challenging to acquire or purchase personal protective equipment. 


Due to the generous donation from a Township resident, District II adds several AutoPulse® Resuscitation Systems to our equipment cache. 

One AutoPulse is carried on our primary and only ambulance, 146-2. 

High-quality CPR without interruption

The AutoPulse® Resuscitation System provides high-quality automated CPR to victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Easy to use and battery-operated, AutoPulse squeezes the patient’s entire chest to improve blood flow to the heart and brain.1,2,3 The only device of its kind, AutoPulse automatically sizes to the patient, and has shown improved outcomes in numerous clinical trials.4,5

Designed for patient movement and transport

With the AutoPulse Resuscitation System's quick carry case, rescuers can continue providing high-quality CPR down steep stairwells, around sharp corners, or even in a cramped elevator. Compared with manual CPR, AutoPulse has been shown to reduce interruptions in compressions during transport by more than 85%.6 The AutoPulse Resuscitation System is made for Resuscitation on the Move™.

Why did we choose Zoll's AutoPulse® Resuscitation System? See the below infographic from Zoll. 

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