Cost of Operation

Sponsor Lifesaving Equipment

Prices shown are the costs to equip one EWTRSDII Member.
Equipment is also necessary for ambulances. Without critical medical supplies, we can not respond to your 911 medical emergency

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)




Airway Kit with albuterol



Medical Oxygen


Cervical Collars

Powered Stretcher


Stretcher Power Load System

EMT Bag (fully stocked)


Two-way Radio




Miscellaneous Support

Any donation is appreciated

Quick Response Vehicle

The 2006 Chevrolet Suburban was approved by Township Council for use and operation for 5 Years. The vehicle was due for replacement no later than 2012. Over 10 Years later beyond the replacement life cycle, the vehicle is still not replaced.

The cost of a new SUV is approaching $60,000 including emergency equipment. Donate today and or write a letter/email to the Township requesting they replace the First Responder SUV, known as Utility 146. Include us in the letter/email so we have visibility to follow up.


Our fleet is aging and we have requested new ambulances through the township capital budget since 2014. Without replacing the fleet, we will be out of service and unable to respond.

Ambulance 146-1 has been out of service and at the Township's Public Works Facility since June 2022. Repairs are mechanical and minor in nature but yet the vehicle has been moved to the JUNK/Trash side of the yard.