Greet'ns, mah name is Dwooid, sorta like "Druid", and ah am a warrior priest,

wp fer short of the Warhammer Online realm on Badlands. Fer Caledor!! Ah

can also be found on the Faeblight RP server in Rift. Fer Silverwood!!

As ah was not raised in mah home realm ah have spent mah entire childhood

explainin' things ... no man children are really only mah height ... no man child'n

don't eat THAT .. no manlings cannot drink that much at any age ... you get the

ahdea. So alas ah have learned to enjoy explainin' things and here is mah effort,

opinion, fact, and mumblings all together in one beautifully leather bound book.

Yes, there still are a few cows around, please stop interruptin'. Oh, ah see, ah

interrupted mahself, ah continue...

Ah hope you enjoy these overviews, ah tried to cover the kind of detail not found

in the city library on topics of interest, well interestin' to me anyhow. In the top

section of the sidebar ah cover Warhammer topics and then later on down the

sidebar ah cover some Rift topics.

If yeh see mistakes, think of ahdeas, have suggestions for changes or more info,

or are drinking with a Dwarf and need an excuse to leave before yeh die of ale

poisoning, go to "Contact Dwooid" in the sidebar for an up-to-date way to

contact me and let me know yer thoughts.

Best Regahds,


Click for a better view. The king's army prepares its defenses

including forward cannon in Kadrin Valley. The enemy mass

below. Defenders watch the skyies for aerial attack and must

choose between a preemptive flank strike from a keep postern

and delaying the enemy while another army strikes their keep

deep in the South.

Practicing my aim for aerial assaults in Eataine, the mostly

agricultural countryside for elves of noble birth, loyal to the

Phoenix King first, second to the Emporer in Altdorf. If I miss

the wall in combat, the team will die quickly without heals.

The Emporer's army moves quickly to advance on an enemy

keep in Caledor.