High summer and members enjoy the sun ....

The traditional summer beach party was a sell-out.  The WeyBay members meet at Greenhill on Weymouth's Esplanade alongside Aunty Vi's cafe.  They brought their own nibbles and beverages and were served a delicious paella.  

What a special place to meet up with friends.  Many thanks to the committee for organising this wonderful evening.  

On Wednesday 3rd July was the Annual Weybay bike ride. Seventeen members joined in this event. The weather was quite hot so a cooling breeze on the cycles was appreciated.  Some members cycled from Preston to join the start at the Palm House in Weymouth's inner harbour.  Jan Summers, the organiser, had to contend with cycle path being closed and quickly had to think of a different route.  The group cycled back to the sea wall for coffee and a chat, back on the bikes to Cove Pub, Portland for lunch.

A great day was enjoyed by all.  There is a Weybay cycling group that meets on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning.   For more information please speak to Jan Summers or make inquiries at the monthly meeting.

And get ready for autumn with an October Fayre .....

Plans are in hand for the second October Fayre when members are invited to take part in this fun event.   Spending time by the beach or on a walk, members can take a photo for the photographic section Title "Beside the Seaside" which can be anything from views, wildlife, flowers, beach scenes etc.  Collecting berries or fruit? there is a section for jams and preserves, gin and wine.   The floral section is an arrangement theme title "Beside the Seaside", maybe find something interesting on the beach which could be added to your arrangement.  And there is a section for craft items and art work and cakes and baking .  

The ethos of WeyBay relies on members joining in 
and contributing to the programme.  These smaller groups are a good way of meeting other members in a relaxed way.  Find out what is happening by checking the website for updates and getting contact details from the monthly meetings.
On Wednesday June 26th seventeen members of WeyBay had a fabulous evening tasting 5 different wines with assorted cheeses. Carl from Delicious on Custom House Quay, Weymouth, showed them how to taste, smell and enjoy the different wines from varied countries. It is hoped to run another course later in the year.

On Wednesday 23 May, 13 ladies had a wonderful morning making Wheat and Lavender Wreaths with Catherine Nix from My Scented Home at the New Vic Bars.  
Eight  members of  Weybay WI walked from  Sandsfoot Castle along the Rodwell Trail to  Portland, stopping for a welcome drink at The Boat that Rocks at Portland Marina.  Members enjoyed  the walk in the sunshine taking in the beautiful views across to Portland.  The walk was led by Jo White, the organiser for this group.  If you are interested in joining please contact Weybay-WI@hotmail.co.uk or speak to Jo at the monthly meeting. 

The lunch club has become active again with a programme set for the rest of the year.  The WeyBay WI lunch/supper club met at the new Mexican Restaurant, Loco Lobo situated in The Cove in Weymouth harbour.  Ten members enjoyed a delicious lunch, wonderful Mexican dishes with lovely views to the harbour.  May's venue is the newly refurbished John Gregory pub.  
Thank you to Anne Neil for organising this group.  

It might seem that there is an tendency to chatting eating and drinking in these groups and it has to be said, the meetings.  We make no apologies for that. WeyBay WI has always had an important proviso - that members enjoy themselves! 

The January meeting speaker was Claire Whiles, creator of the recently released book in aid of Dorset charities – Drawn to Dorset.  Claire shared her passion for Dorset and for historical events that have shaped the lives of people in Dorset.  Signed copies of her book were available for purchase with all proceeds going to local charities.

In February, Jennie Veale from Alter Ego brought a wonderful selection of her costumes from her costume business.  Having worked in the theatre industry and as a stylist for many years, her aim in her business is to bring a breath of fresh air to the costume and fancy dress hire world. The business offers a collection of over 2000 quality costumes and accessories for hire to private customers, groups, stylists, costume designers, photographers, TV and theatre.  They aim to have quality that exceeds the usual fancy dress costume range.  

There is always something new to learn from the monthly speakers and the range of interesting subjects always makes a thought-provoking evening. Something different from the norm, as they say.  Members have often said that they find the evening much more enjoyable than they were expecting.  A year to look forward to, thanks to the work of the committee. 

Photo shows Jennie Veale with one of her costumes.


As well as the monthly meetings, WeyBay members are encouraged to join together with others who have similar interests.  We try to give you updates of these groups on the Things to Do pages and their exploits are advertised at the meetings. 

There was a new group started up in February. A cycling group. They met outside the Palm House for their first cycle of 2019 . 

Leaden skies and a strong wind didn’t deter them and led by Jan Summers they set off towards Chickerell along the cycle path by Radipole Lake .

Jan had planned a ride mainly on cycle paths to Moonfleet and back via Chickerell and Cold Harbour to the Dorchester Road. Everyone coped with the gentle undulations (!) and ended their cycle at the Beefeater with a welcome cup of coffee. The next bike ride will be on Tuesday April 16th starting at 10.45 at the Beefeater and is open to WeyBay members on ordinary or electric bikes . There will be a coffee stop half way round! See you there!  If you would like to set up a group, speak to the President.  You will find an enthusiastic response.


Six new resolutions for WI members to vote on in January/February this year were introduced in the November/December 2018 issue of WI Life, along with a brief summary and details of how to access more information about them.  In addition, Dorset Federation held meetings around the county in November to explore the issues and help members to decide which resolution they would like to go forward to the vote at the Annual Meeting in June 2019. 

 Here are the results from the resolution selection from WeyBay WI, which have been passed on to County Office.

Improving plant Bio security in the UK - 3, Trees-improving the natural landscape - 12, Pelvic floor education - 1, Suffering in silence :why we need to end the taboo around menstrual health - 12, A call against the decline in local bus services -17, Don't fear the smear - 22.  

The subjects for 2019 are diverse and all carry such an important message that members found it difficult to make a choice. The resolution that wins the national vote overall becomes the WI National campaign and gains considerable influence.  Make sure that you use your vote for your chosen resolution.  Thank you to all members who responded to the resolutions.

The three book clubs are a very successful part of WeyBay.   The members organise the group themselves taking it in turn to choose books to read.  The original book club is run by Louise Swinton and she had taken the time to write this report of the recently read books.  You will find it interesting and it should encourage everyone to get reading and maybe try something that they wouldn't normally consider.

So far this year we have read some old and some new books.

In January we read To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Everyone really enjoyed this, even though some had read it a long time ago. We scored it 10/10 (unheard of before).

Beautifully  written through the eyes of the two children of Atticus Finch, it gave us an excellent insight into prejudiced life in a 1930’s small town in the Deep South. Atticus was employed to represent a young black man accused of the rape of a white woman.  Full of horror, humour and wisdom, this book is a “must read”.

Little Women by Louisa  May Alcott.  Again some of us had read this when we were young but we decided that to reread a book years later gives a different perspective.

This was based on the Author’s life and was published in 1868! It is a moral tale of family life around the time of the Civil War. The mother guides her four teenage girls to develop their own personalities yet to be aware of good family values. The innocence of those times is brought out well. We all loved the support the sisters gave each other and the simplicity of life was well described. How times have changed! 8/10 

Last Man in Tower by Aravind Adiga. This story is set in Mumbai and centres around a group of people who live in a block of dilapidated flats. The residents get along with life and each other in a an accepting way. Their whole existence changes when they are approached by a developer who offers them large sums of money to leave their homes so that he can demolish the building and rebuild his “dream” apartment block. The rest of the story centres around the greed, corruption and dreams of each flat owner. The descriptions of life in India are excellent. 7/10

Have you checked out our Things to Do pages?  The WeyBay committee have been busy arranging trips and get-togethers for WeyBay's lucky members.  In the next weeks there are a cycling day in the New Forest and a visit to Morton Church planned as well as the monthly 'coffee mornings with a walk' and newly formed Lunch Club.  Keep an eye on the website to see what's going on or find out details from the monthly meetings.  

WeyBay members have joined an institution that was started 1915 and now has 205,000 members in 6,800 WIs.  It is the largerst voluntary women's organisation in the UK.  WeyBay is part of the Dorset Federation based in Dorchester. 

Each WI is self-governing within the framework of the WI constitution and rules.  

The WI is a diverse organisation open to all women with WIs in towns, cities and villages.

Denman College is an adult education centre in Oxfordshire run by the WI and courses run there are available to all members.

Regional events are organised and advertised in Dorset WI News which are handed out at meetings. 

Members have the opportunity to learn new skills, to take part in wide-ranging activities and to campaign on issues that matter to them and their communities.  The possibilities are endless.
WeyBay WI adds one other important proviso - that members enjoy themselves!