The farm sadly announces that Dot, farm mascot and staple at the haflinger pleasure shows and events, passed away over the rainbow bridge. Dottie never met a stranger and was sure every human and dog she came across was put on earth to be her friend! While she loved everyone, she adored her main owner Lou. He was her best friend and she was his travel companion both in a truck or carriage. While Paul and Lou were at work she would keep Carolyn company in the house but come late afternoon she could be found lying on the porch intently starting down the drive waiting for Lou's return. She loved riding on the golf cart around the farm and at shows, and she could often be found hanging out on the golf cart greeting people who walked by. If she was not on the golf cart at shows/events, she could be seen relaxing on the front dash of the motor home taking in the sights through the window while enjoying the air conditioning. She is going to be greatly missed and the reality is going to be driven home this week as we head off to our first event in eleven years without our beloved mascot, Dot! Rest well sweet girl and may you forever more play pain free.

Arneigh MBM: A Golden Hearted Haflinger

It is with a heavy heart that Walnut Ridge Farm announces the passing of Arneigh MBM. He died from a rare form of cancer in his neck. He was a Haflinger ambassador, an athlete, a companion, and a friend. Arnie will be greatly missed. He proudly represented the Haflinger breed in many venues, such as Equine Affaire, breed shows, combined driving events, and 4-H. Arnie has been to covered wagon camp, pulled a carriage in multiple parades, soared high over fences on hunter paces, and competed at the Medina County Fair. Arnie was part of the Ohio Haflinger Driven Drill Team and performed at the 2015 Massachusetts Equine Affaire, where thousands of people watched the Haflingers put on a performance that many considered the best act of the night. On another occasion, Arnie, Paul, and Emily once competed in a Combined Driving Event where they encountered an oncoming train during the marathon portion (the show officials misread the train schedule). Arnie handled the oncoming train like a true professional, carrying his two passengers safely past the train and to a successful marathon finish. Arnie was a teacher of both his human and equine friends, from giving his daughter Nellie LMD the confidence to drive pair in a show ring, to teaching young people how to drive and safely navigate both the driven dressage ring and pleasure-driving ring. Arnie soared over any jump, including jumping his heart out for Emily Hummel mere weeks before he passed away at the Central Ohio Haflinger Show, where he jumped four feet to win the “Knock Down and Out” Class and at the AHR National show where Arnie and Emily won the 2’6” hunter division. Arnie gave endless enjoyment and showing opportunities to many different riders, from the farm’s summer exchange student from France, to visitors from out of state, to our own farm’s riders. Arnie gave his all to Paul when driving; winning many classes, including having the best training level dressage test and the best training level cones run at the Indiana CDE just 17 days before he passed away. Paul loved driving Arnie and Arnie was always his first choice to drive. Arnie never let on how sick he truly was until the very end; stoically trying to complete the marathon for Paul at the Indiana CDE, but Paul, who knew Arnie the best, could tell he was not himself and pulled him up partway through the course. At the time, we thought he was fighting a bug, not fighting for his life. It has been an honor to know and work with him, and we hope he knows what a huge hole has been left in the heart of Walnut Ridge Farm. He was worth his weight in gold and will never be forgotten. Run free golden friend until we meet again!