2015 Archive

11/16/15: Whew! What a crazy weekend! We just got back from the MA Equine affaire and what a journey it was! First, the motor home broke down on the way in the great state of PA, so Paul, Lou, and Carolyn had to rent a U-Haul to tow the bunkhouse and all the carriages the rest of the way. Emily, Gina, and Taylor arrived by plane the next morning and the whole group was finally in the state of Massachusetts! Both drill teams performed in Fantasia - The High Flying Haflingers performed during the first act, while the OHA driven drill team performed during the second act! What an amazing weekend full of incredible memories.

11/1/15: Another fall sale has come and gone and once again we went home with horse. Oops! How is it these things keep happening!? We welcome an 8 year old mare, Maretta PHHF, barn name "Mocha" to our herd. We have great things in store for Mocha! We also attended the 2015 HCC awards ceremony and brought home some prizes that we can't wait to use during next year's show season!

10/20/15: I'm embarrassed that it's EIGHT MONTHS since I updated this scoop. Yikes! Well, so many things have happened that it's hard to even remember! Let's see, in April we went to the Ohio Equine Affaire. While there, the Driven Drill team performed in the 2015 Ohio Fantasia, the Jumping drill team performed during a breed demo and fun was had by all! Then, I (Rachael Cooper) got married to David Schindler and became Rachael Schindler. Check out the pictures below! We had a wonderful show season, culminating in a fabulous awards ceremony that I'll write a separate post about. Most exciting, both the Ridden and Driven Drill teams will be performing at the Massachusetts Equine Affaire Fantasia in November!!!

2/19/15: WRF has some EXCITING NEWS!! The OHA Driven Drill team has been invited to perform in the Equine Affiare Fantasia! In addition, there will be a 12 horse Jumping Drill team also performing! We hope you all can make it down to see us!

2/16/15: Are you all as cold as we in Ohio are?! Since I updated last the North kids went to a couple Chagrin Valley Jumper Shows and the drivers of WRF participated in the January ADT. Check out video of Heather completing the hazards with her tandem, Nicole jumping Gabby at the Jumper Show, and Kindler jumping Kati at the Jumper show!