2017 Archive

6/9/17: What a fabulous weekend we had at the Elk Creek Combined Driving Event in Maryland! Heather took Noble B and Lou took Rex. The weather was perfect and a fantastic time was had by all. Check out some pictures below!

5/31/17: It's been quite a while since this scoop was updated! The farm has been up to so many things. Most recently we got back from the AHR spring sale. We bought two horses, Straightshot of Excellence ("Scotty"), a two year old stallion (soon to be gelding) and a five year old mare, Marissa ODA ("Missy"). See some pictures below!

4/10/17: The farm returned late last night from Equine Affaire and a fabulous time was had by all! Every year bring something new and this year we got to be on TV! The local Columbus TV station interviewed the farm and the TV anchor, Cameron Fontana, even rode Heather's backstep! Other notable highlights included many members of the farm participating in some excellent educational clinics, Emily competing in the Versatile Horse and Rider Competition (bringing home an 8th out of the formidable 25 entries!), several performances by the Golden Pony Express, and our Golden Haflingers participating in three "Time to Ride" clinics. During the Time to Ride clinics our ponies and farm members instructed adults and children at four stations - a safety station, a grooming station, a tacking station, and last but not least, a riding station! Check out some video and pictures below!

1/1/17: 2017 Event Schedule

March 17-19: EquiFest in NY

April 9-9: Equine Affaire

April 23: Chagrin Valley Farm Schooling Show

May 12-14: Mane Event in London, ONT, Canada

May 19-21: AHR Spring Sale

June 23 - 25: Buckeye Haflinger Show

June 30-July 2: Camping in Cook's Forest, PA

July 13-16: Breyerfest at the Kentucky Horse Park

July 28-30: Ohio Combined Driving Event

July 28-30: Central Ohio Haflinger Show

August 6: Brecksville Kiwanis Club GPE Performance

August 13: Chagrin Valley Hunter Pace

August 19: OHA Fun Days

August 25: Haflinger Championship Challenge Awards

August 31-September 4: Great Geauga County Fair

September 22-24: Indiana CDE