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11/23/13: Ho Ho Ho! We gave carriage rides this morning around Wadsworth Square for the Jingle Bell Jaunt! Then we brought Santa Clause to town as part of the Wadsworth Parade. Check out some pictures below - and check out that cute Elf (do you recognize Keyk?!)

11/20/13: Today was a day for playing and having fun on the trail course!

11/10/13: What a great day! We went to the Chagrin Valley Schooling Show today and it was quite a day of Firsts! Abby and Charm entered their first ever CANTER classes (!) and also jumped their first CANTER 18" course! HPR brought along two Walk Trotters for their FIRST EVER show! Anna and Ellie were troopers for the day and did fantastically. Kelly and Charlie had a great day competing in the 2' division and Nicole and Gabby were Reserve Grand Champs of the 18" Division!

11/7/13: Our ponies are living a diverse life! Gabby, Charm, and Charlotte (and Nicole, Kindler and I) went to Blue Lakes and Cow Sorted and Team Penned tonight! We were even fairly successful! Check out a video here!

10/28/13: As October draws to a close - fallen, crunchy leaves swirling underfoot, ponies growing in their heavy winter coats - we are thankful for what a great year we have had so far. We had another fun filled horsey weekend (despite the 8" of snow that HPR got Wednesday night, check out pictures below). On Saturday we went to a Halloween Trail Course Competition put on by Sarah Vas at the Winfield Farm and Forge. Kelly Cooper and Charlie won (with a blistering time of 2:36)! Here is Heather and Harry, Rachael and Charm, Abby and Charm, Emily and Ladd, and Nicole and Gabby. Then, on Sunday we went to the Bath Halloween Hunter Pace and experienced the spooky trail course (with giant spiders and ghouls scattered all over the place)!

10/13/13: What a great weekend! We had beautiful weather for the fall sale - sunny, warm, with bright blue skies! We did not come home with any horses (which thrilled Keyk to death), but we did have fun hanging out with our haflinger friends! Friday during the day Emily took Lexi into the AHR futurity. Lexi was so, so well behaved, acting like she'd been born to show. Then we went to the HCC awards ceremony (full results at the end of the post). We also went to a hunter pace last weekend (Stone Gate) and we went to the Chagrin Valley Schooling Show today! Busy, busy ponies! Check out Kelly and Charlie in the 2'3" Suitable Hunter Division and check out Nicole in the 18" W/T/C Division (of which she was the Reserve Grand Champion)!

2013 Haflinger Championship Challenge Results

Senior Halter Division

Reserve Champion: All American Ladd WRF

Top 5: Arneigh MBM

Top 5: Augusta ABE

Top 5: New York TMA

Junior Halter Division

Top 5: Akanak of M&N

English W/T/C Division

Champion: All American Ladd WRF

Reserve Champion: Like A Charm KCH

English W/T Division

Top 5: Lavinia Lena YES

Dressage Division

Champion: All American Ladd WRF

Reserve Champion: Like A Charm KCH

Top 5: Gabby RVM

Driving Division

Champion: Mackinac RM

Reserve Champion: All American Ladd WRF

Top 5: Charlotte THF

10 and Under Division

Top 5: Abby Alberts

Haflinger Championship Challenge Lifetime Awards as of 2013

Halter Division

Excellence Award: All American Ladd WRF

Merit Award: August ABE

Merit Award: Arlen NHH

English W/T/C Division

Superior Award: Like A Charm KCH

Superior Award: All American Ladd WRF

Excellence Award: Mackinac RM

Merit Award: Charlotte THF

Merit Award: Gabby RVM

Merit Award: Arlen NHH

English W/T Division

Excellence Award: Augusta ABE

Merit Award: Catch You Later ABE

Merit Award: Arlen NHH

Merit Award: Lavinia Lena YES

Merit Award: Like a Charm KCH

Merit Award: Arneigh MBM

Western W/J/L Division

Superior Award: Like A Charm KCH

Excellence: All American Ladd WRF

Merit Award: Charlotte THF

Merit Award: Mackinac RM

Driving Division

Excellence Award: Augusta ABE

Excellence Award: All American Ladd WRF

Excellence Award: Like A Charm KCH

Excellence Award: Mackinac RM

Excellence Award: Arneigh MBM

Merit Award: Charlotte THF

Dressage Division

Excellence Award: Like A Charm KCH

Excellence Award: All American Ladd WRF

10/2/13: Fall is here! The leaves are turning the most vibrant shades of red, yellow, and orange and the weather has been gorgeous - sunny and bright and warm during the day. It's perfect for hunter pacing, fox hunting, and cow sorting! There is so much news to report. First, the remaining two haflinger shows (Central Ohio and Nationals) were tons of fun and very successful. We took eleven haflingers to Central and ten haflingers to Nationals, all of whom performed fantastically. We also attended an open schooling day at Bath to show Charlotte what cross country was like and we took her swimming (with her horse of course!) in the Bridge of Dreams river. Check out a video of all the girls having fun on the cross country course and having fun swimming under the Bridge of Dreams! Then Charlotte had to return to France and we all cried to see her go. Thanks for such a great summer, Charlotte, we had a blast and we miss you like crazy! The farm also tried our hand at cow sorting and team penning this past Sunday. We had more fun than success, and our cheering section did more laughing than cheering, but we had blast, which is the point, right?!

8/4/13: Can you believe the summer is almost over?! It really flew by! WRF had a successful run at the Ohio CDE last weekend. Rachael took her mare Charm, Heather took her gelding Harry, Lou took his gelding Rex, and Paul took his gelding Arnie to compete. This was Lou's first time competing at Prelim level, and he surprised himself with how well he did! I took some video of Heather competing in the Hazards, Lou competing in the Hazards, and Paul competing in the Hazards. As soon as the CDE was over, we loaded up to go to the Medina County Fair (we and our horses had to be into the fair by midnight!). WRF took 8 ponies (Noble, Arnie, Nellie, Harry, Lucy, Lexi, Rex, and Ladd) to the fair. Heather showed the majority of the horses in the draft show on Tuesday and Thursday, while Emily used Arnie, Ladd and Lucy to show in 4H. Lots of fun was had by all! Now we have two days of downtime before we have to pack and leave for Central Ohio this upcoming weekend!

7/19/13: WRF has been busy busy busy!! We have been to a couple 4-H shows, we participated in a fourth of July parade and we've been to two haflinger shows - the Buckeye Haflinger Show and the New York Gold Classic! We also picked up two new horses - Akanak of M & N ("Teddy") and Weber STH. Weber and Word of Wisdom will be making their way to Jeff in Wisconsin next month, but in the meantime, WRF has quite a few haflingers filling the barn this summer!

6/13/13: HPR is really appreciating the indoor arena after this rainy windy week! The girls have been practicing their gymnastics and our youngest team member, Abby, wanted in on the fun!

5/28/13: So much news to report! First off, we went to the AHR spring sale and bought back two ponies! The first is a gelding (Word of Wisdom SAC) that we bought for a friend of ours (Congrats Jeff Keller!) and the second is a mare (Nellie LMD) to match with Paul's gelding Arnie. Then on Sunday Kelly C. and Nicole went to a 4H show with their ponies (Charlie and Gabby) and had a fantastic day while Emily and Heather went to a local COSCA show with Harry. THEN, on Monday we took two teams and five riders into the memorial day parade before hurrying back to load up another five ponies into the trailer to head to Stone Gate for a hunter pace. What an amazing holiday weekend! Check out some pictures below:

5/19/13: Kelly Cooper and her gelding Charlie competed in the Limit Rider 2' division yesterday at Stoney Ridge and did fantastically! Check out a video here!

4/19/13: We're home and (mostly) unpacked from Equine Affaire. What a great time was had by all! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and visited with us! Emily and Ladd competed in the Versatile Horse and Rider Competition Thursday afternoon and made it into the finals! She won 8th in the Final competition, you can check out the video of her competing in the finals here. We performed in the Opening Ceremony of the Pfizer Fantasia - Emily (riding Ladd), Nicole (riding Gabby), and I (riding Charm) are the three riders in red, Lou is driving Rex in the single marathon vehicle and Paul is driving the three abreast with the quartet (driving Bill, Noble, Monty). The Ridden Drill team then performed two acts later to the cheers of the crowd! We had SO MUCH FUN!

4/7/13: We leave for Equine Affaire in THREE days! We are bringing everything AND the kitchen sink, so stop by our aisle! We are bringing 9 haflingers (Monty, Bill, Noble, Rex, Ladd, Charm, Gabby, Charlie, and August) who are so excited to meet and say hi to anybody who stops by. Check us out in the demos, in clinics, in youth presentations, or in the Pfizer Fantasia! See you there!

3/16/13: Another horsey day! WRF was in full force at the March ADT at Windy Knoll farm. Paul showed Arnie, Lou showed Rex, Emily showed Ladd and Heather showed Harry. Everyone did wonderfully. Lou got first in the horse single division out of nine entries and Paul came in second! Emily did great for her first time moving up to prelim - although she did eliminate herself by going through gate 1 of the cones backwards (oops!). Heather and Harry also did great, earning the best dressage score they've ever driven! Check out video of the ADT below:

DRESSAGE: Here is Emily and Ladd doing their prelim dressage test, this is Lou and Rex competing at dressage, here is Heather and Harry in dressage, and here is Paul and Arnie in dressage.

CONES: Here is Emily and Ladd in cones, here is Lou and Rex in cones, here is Heather and Harry in cones, and here is Paul and Arnie in cones.

HAZARDS: Last, the Hazards! This is the most fun (at least for the navigators!). Here is Emily and Ladd competing in the hazards, here is Lou and Rex competing in the hazards (with Rach as the navigator!), here is Heather and Harry competing in the hazards, and last (but not least!) here is Paul and Arnie competing in the hazards. A special thanks to Sarah Vas for navigating for Emily, Heather and Paul!

2/24/13: What a fabulously fun filled horsey day! We went to the Blue Lake Tack Swap this morning and found some really good deals (perhaps more deals then we really needed to find...the tack room continues to fill up at a somewhat alarming rate :-) We raced home, loaded the ponies up and went over to Chagrin Valley. All girls and ponies did wonderfully. Here is Kelly and Charlie competing in the 18" division, this is Abby and Charm competing in the Walk/Trot crossrails division (THIS WAS ABBY'S FIRST JUMPING SHOW!!), and here is Nicole and Gabby also competing in the Walk/Trot crossrails division (of which she was the Grand Champion of the division!) What a great day!

2/20/13: Nicole and Kelley had some fun today!

2/16/13: Emily and Heather had fun playing with all the ponies today. Check out a video of Emily riding Lucy (while standing up!)

2/10/13: A couple weeks ago Kelly and Nicole had some fun in the new arena! Dad wanted in on the fun, so he showed some "true horsepower." Check out the link above to see some horsing around!

2/8/13: Today was Abby's Birthday and she had a pony party at the barn! Charm and Gabby were troopers, giving pony rides to all the party goers. In other news HPR's indoor arena is coming along fantastically. I'll try to get some pictures and update the arena page tomorrow. Much of the stone work on the outside is coming along, the storage rooms are nearly complete, and the break room is insulated with part of the inside of the roof installed!

1/27/13: HPR took three horses to the Chagrin Valley Hunter/Jumper Schooling Show today! Kelly and Charlie competed in the 18" division, Nicole and Gabby competed in the crossrail division (first jumping show ever for Gabby!) and Abby and Charm competed in the W/T Flat division. All three girls and their ponies did wonderful (we have some AWESOME haffies!) and we had a fun filled day!

1/3/13: Happy New Year!! 2013 is going to be another fabulous year, I know it. Today the WRF girls had some fun! Emily pulled a sled behind Noble and we took turns riding on the sled. Emily had fun trying to lose her passengers around corners or over bumps, the devilish girl. Check out a video here!


Our 2013 Event Schedule

January 12: ADT at Windy Knoll

January 20: Blue Lakes Schooling Show

January 26: OHA Banquet

January 27: Chagrin Valley Schooling Show

February 17: Blue Lakes Schooling Show

February 24: Chagrin Valley Schooling Show

March 16: ADT at Windy Knoll

March 17: Blue Lakes Schooling Show

April 11-14: Equine Affaire

April 21: Blue Lakes Schooling Show

May 11: OHA May Drive

May 12: Blue Lakes Schooling Show

May 18: Stoney Ridge Schooling Show

May 24-25: AHR Spring Sale

May 27: Sharon Center Memorial Day Parade

May 27: Stone Gate Hunter Pace

June 7-10: Camping in PA

July 12-14: New York Gold Classic

July 26-28: Ohio Combined Driving Event

August 9-11: Central Ohio Haflinger Show

September 1: Chagrin Valley Hunter Pace

September 29: Cow Sorting @ Blue Lakes

October 6: Stone Gate Hunter Pace

October 13: Chagrin Valley Schooling Show

October 20: Bath Hunter Pace

October 26: Haunted Halloween Trail Course

November 10: Chagrin Valley Schooling Show

November 23: Jingle Bell Jaunt