Foals for 2017

Nellie LMD had a lovely little filly by Nordtirol in May of 2017. We named her Nina WRF. Check out the pictures below:

Foals for 2016

Gretchen RVM had a beautiful stud colt on May 14th out of Alex NHH! We have decided to name him Apollo's Hunter. Check out some pictures below!

Foals for 2013

Lucy Lori had a gorgeous filly at 1:30pm on Tuesday, April 30th. She is a hearty and healthy little filly that stood up within 20 minutes! Lucy's filly is by Alex NHH so Emily named her Lucy's Alexia WRF, with a barn name of "Lexi." We know this little filly will do great things! Check out a video of her at a week old here!

Foals for 2012

Chloe SLR had a healthy stud colt at 9:30am on Wednesday, May 9th! He is a spunky guy, running around and full of energy. He has a wide blaze and his long pasterns suggest that he will grow up to be quite tall! His name is Stanhope WRF, with a barn name of "Stan."

Foals for 2011

Update: Chloe had an adorable filly at 2:04 am on May 2nd! She is beautifully formed and has a perfect blaze down the center of her face. We decided to call her Catch the Moment WRF, with a barn name of "Carrie".

Chloe SLR's foal is out of All American Afghan NTF. Chloe is also the dam of two other members of our herd, Augusta ABE and Catch You Later ABE. All American Afghan NTF is the sire of another member of our herd, All American Ladd WRF.