Menshin Hindi a.k.a. Ranjaka

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'Menshin Hindi' is a popular chutney made in Belgaum/Hubli area. It is also knows as 'Ranjaka' in some parts. It tastes very well with Dosa, Appe etc. It can also be used as spread for bread. Usually every it is made for the whole year and even though the ingredients are same proportions change per household. This chutney is made in summer when the chilies are bright red and and about to dry. One can also soak dried chilies in lime juice and make this.I am just giving a small propotion to taste.

(Please make at your own risk! Thai chilies are very spicy so handle them carefully!)

10-15 bright red fresh chilies ( I used the one I got from local farmers market. Use 5-6 if you are using Thai red chilies)

1 Lime

1 small golf ball size Jaggery


Wash and dry chilies and Lime. Pat dry and set aside to dry for about 30 minutes. Squeeze lime in a dry bowl. Take the the stems from chilies and add to a dry mixer jar. Add jaggery, salt and grind well. Add lime juice as required while grinding. Now transfer the chutney to a dry bowl and add remaining lime juice if any. Dry the spoon, jar carefully if you are planning to make this for the whole year.

(You can roast the chilies for a bit if you want to make it immediately. But I am not sure if it can be kept for longer time.)

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