Carrot Parathas

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Carrots remind me of winter in India. big heaps of carrots would give the hint of coming winter season. My mom used to always buy mix of big and small carrots as I used to love eating those fresh carrots. She would make gajarachi koshimbeer regularly and sometimes gajar halwa too. She never bought 'Khoya/Mawa' just for halawa. Instead she would keep boiling left over milk from the day to thicken it and store in the fridge. She would do this for about 4-5 days to get enough quantity to make halwa. Then she would saute grated carrots in ghee, add some sugar, thickened milk, cardamom, and some saffron. Boil this to get to halwa consistency and thats it. Her halwas was the best halwa ever.

Carrots remind me of couple of dialogs from hindi movies. One of which where loving hindi movie mom tells her even so lovely son, 'Bete, maine aaj tumhaare liye gaajar ka halawa banaya hai!' and another times 'Bete, aaj maine tumhaare liye mulee ke paraaThe banaaye hai!' May be I am making the later one up! These two dialogs gave me idea of making Carrot Parathas and Mulee (Radish) halawa. These parathas are nothing but converting that first thought into reality! Now my better half is praying for not getting the second one into reality.

Carrot Paratha

3-4 big carrots (or enough to make 2 cups of grating)

2-2.5 cups of whole wheat flour (chapati flour)

3-4 green chilies ( as per taste or optional)

juice from 1/2 lemon

salt per taste

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 tsp sugar

fistful of chopped cilantro

water as required

Wash, and peel the carrots take the tops off and grate them. Grind chilies and cumin seeds and add it to the carrots. Also add salt, lemon juice, sugar and cilantro. Now add about 2 cups of chapati flour to the carrots and mix it. keep this mixture aside for 15-20 minutes. Mix the dough for parathas using water as required. Make parathas as usual and serve warm with pickles, sabjis or chutney. These proportions will yield about 10 medium size parathas.


    1. I usually put peeled carrot pieces and chilies in the food processor and grind roughly. Change blade to dough blade and add chapati flour and rest of the ingredients and make dough.

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