Mexican Street Food - Corn Chili Lime

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This was about 2 years ago, I had to stay in Mexico for 15 days for work. My coworkers there were little worried about me not eating any meat or milk, cheese etc., how would I survive there. But I was happy and never had to sleep hungry. After long I got to eat Papaya, Mangoes, Chikus. Guavas. I ate different kinds of corn dishes. Same old corn but was enhanced with different flavors. I loved this particular recipe of hot and sour corn. I don't get to eat Indian Bhutta so I love have these in a bowl. I ate similar dish at Corn Corners in India but bright red color was missing altogether.

Corn With Chili Lime

3 cups water

2 cups corn kernels (Yellow or White)

Freshly squeezed lime juice from a lime

1 tbsp red chili powder *

2 tsp salt

Add 1/2 tsp salt to water and start boiling. Add corn kernels when water comes to a boil and lower the flame. Meanwhile mix salt, chili powder and lime juice to make paste. Add couple of teaspoon water if needed. Now take couple of ladle full of corn without any water to a cup or glass. Add a teaspoon of chili-lime paste to the corns mix well and serve a small piece of lime and a spoon. You can add more chili-lime paste if needed and enjoy warm hot and sour corn!

Tips -

    1. * Use Byadagi, Kashmiri, or Paprika kind of chili powder which is bright red in color but not too hot.
    2. Do not over cook corn.
    3. I usually buy frozen corn but I am sure you can use cut corn kernels from cob.
    4. Kids love this dish but for them you can add tomato paste and pinch of chili powder to for taste instead of this chili lime paste. Add little lime juice if needed.

These bright corns are on their way to It's a Vegan World - Mexican hosted by lovely Vaishali ...

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