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Badagi and Musali

Lasun Khobare

I am sure most of you remember stone mortar-pestle(Khalbatta in Marathi) , wooden pestle and stone mortar and stone mill (Jaate in Marathi). These were daily utensils for grinding, making chutneys and all in pre-food-processors, pre-mixer-grinders era. My mom always likes to use her small stone mortar pestle to make daily grindings like ginger-garlic paste or garlic-coconut paste and I was used to to that. Lugging that heavy thing is much more difficult that you think! But then I saw this wooden mortar pestle used in Khandesh (Jalgaon-Bhusawal area in Maharashtra), I was all for it. As you can imagine now, I use this small pestle called musali even for smashing a piece of garlic. The bowl (mortar) is called Badagi

Picture was taken while smashing home grown almonds.

Home Grown Almonds and Musal

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