Imagine having to put batteries into your lights every time you wanted to go out at night in your car,-and having them run out half way through a journey....

 April 2009   From Hong Kong,

Introducing a battery-free friction-free bike light , it is called magtenlight, a 15 Lux front lamp plus rear light, powered by a friction-free, contact-free generator, the generator is not a hub dynamo, but a detachable type of dynamo, driven by a pair of magnetic gear ....
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I-Flasher Reelight SL 120

A fantastically simple new award-winning design  .  

Front and back lights powered by magnets set within the spokes with a built in capacitor to keep them going while you're at the lights  

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( November 2007) Copenhagen City Council giving away Reelights

"On another note, it turns out that REELIGHTS are for the people!
We were chuffed to discover that the city is giving away 600 pairs of the award-winning Reelights to citizens. The city of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg has an annual campaign called Brug hovedet nu! - meaning Use your head now - which encourages people to use their bike lights.
We've posted about it before.
It's the law, of course, but many people forget. With the Danish designed Reelights, you never forget.

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The Owleye Solar-powered bicycle light Combines stored solar power and LED technology- Captures free solar energy; you can protect the environment, reduce battery consumption, and protect the earth from pollution from mercury and other chemicals. 

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 Lumotec lights for bicycles from  Busch and Muller in Germany.


D'Lumotec Oval Senso Plus. "Plus" is used to indicate that the light has a "standlight" feature, which is a built-in capacitor used to power the light for up to seven minutes (albeit dimly) while stopped; its purpose is primarily to provide added visibility when the bicycle is not moving, such as when stopped at a stop sign. The capacitor is fully charged after approximately 3 minutes of riding at 20km/h (12.4mph) [7]. "Senso" is used to indicate that the light has a built-in sensor switch, used to automatically turn the light on and off when lighting conditions change (i.e. entering a tunnel, or when day changes to night). This feature is intended to be used with a hub dynamo, as a bottle dynamo acts as a switch in and of itself, requiring the user to stop the bicycle and engage it to turn on the lights. If a taillight is wired into the headlight, it too will be turned off and on by the sensor.

To read the manufacturer's file on this click here for the .pdf  

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Internal Hub Dynamos

Internal hub dynamos are very commonly fitted into the front wheel on bicycles in Japan and in European cycletopias to provide power for lights.
They are silent, have no drag and are a world away from the noisy old 'burn your-front tyre and sap your energy' dynamos used in the old days.

Using an internal hub dynamo eliminates the need to use wasteful disposable battery powered lights which often run out in the middle of journeys.

Internal hub dynamo systems with LED and halogen lighting.

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Pedalite 360 Degree Visibility Pedal Lights are the unique battery-free pedal lights for bicycles that have been designed to make cyclists more visible to motorists day and night from any angle including the side, which is vital for cyclists as 75% of Cycling accidents in the UK happen at, or near, a road junction [source Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, RoSPA], where cycles need to be seen from the side.

Pedalite pedals also help cyclists create their own virtual cycle lane as motorists naturally give cyclists with Pedalite pedals a wider berth and distance, increasing their safety.   As soon as cyclists start pedalling the Pedalite pedals uniquely harvest and store a small amount of energy from the bicycle so the lights continue to flash when the cyclist is freewheeling or has stopped at a road junction.  Now used in over 22 countries by thousands of cyclists Pedalite 360 degree pedal lights are fast becoming a global phenomenon.

ü  Always on   ü No batteries   ü Fit & Forget    ü  1 year full Warranty
ü Award winning   ü  No maintenance   ü  carries on when you stop  
Stores power   ü 360° visibility - front, back, sides


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