Raining ? too cold ? headwinds ? tired ? uphill ?
BUS/Train + BIKE ?
Being able to put our bikes on buses ( and trains) would encourage more to take up cycling.

Check out this collection of articles on Bicycles on Public Transport from  Copenhagenize

Folding Bicycles make inter-modal transport practicable

Have a look at this from Seattle:

From Santa Cruz

In Christchurch, New Zealand from the 12th of November 2007 the Metro Buses running between the city and Lyttleton ( 35 Heathcote Rouite ) were fitted with 2 bike racks as part of a trial being run by Environment Canterbury. For more information go to  http://www.metroinfo.org.nz/bikeRacks_Main.html

And for technical information about the racks, e-mail :velotec@slingshot.co.nz