Marcus Kinney on Waiheke Island

The problem of broken glass on roads

Glass is a constant threat to cyclists in urban areas. -Apart from causing punctures it also causes cyclists to make unpredictably dangerous avoidance manouvers. 

You can not see how bad the glass on the roads ( and pavements) problem is from a car, 
you only realise the extent of the problem when you're on a bike.



 In Paris, France they were ( until 2002) using motorcycle mounted vacuum cleaners called 'motocrottes' to suck up the dog poo.

Perhaps they could be an effective device for cleaning up broken glass with their greater mobility ?

  The Queenstown Lakes District Council is using Christiana Tricycles from Denmark for street maintenance work.  Read this article.( 2008)

 People who have been assigned Community Service by the Department of Corrections work may be available for cleaning up broken glass. 


The Scarab street sweeper sucks and sweeps.