Essential reading:

Making Cycling Irresistable

Making Cycling Irresistible: Lessons from the Netherlands,Denmark, and Germany,' by John Pucher and Ralph Buehler, published in "Transport Reviews," Vol. 28, No. 4, July 2008

Cycling for Everyone: Lessons for Vancouver from the Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany.

This paper describes the policies and planning practices that result in very high levels of cycling transportation in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany, and the feasibility of applying these strategies in other countries.

( From Mikael, author of the Copenhagenize website ) " I've read most of what's he has written on increasing cycling and making cycling accessible but seeing this seminar online is purely inspirational.

Now it's no secret that segregated bike infrastructure is the only way ahead for cities wishing to increase their bike culture and daily percentage of trips made by bike. There is no alternative to this common sense.

Seeing John Pucher summing everything up in one entertaining, informative and inspiring video has made my day.

He highlights the experiences of many European cities and debunks many myths along the way. "

Go to to watch an entertaining and informative hour long presentation by John Pucher in 2008.

In New Zealand


Spokes ( CAN ) in Christcthurch

SPARC Cycle Friendly Employers


Sustainable Business Network: Green Fleet

Kiwi Human Powered Vehicles also have a comprehensive links page.

Critical Mass coordinates rides in Auckland, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

Film maker Mike Rubbo from Avoca Beach , N.S.W. Australia has put together some excellent little films (available on YouTube ).


In the United Kingdom

Thinking of putting a bike fleet in place for your organisation?

Check out this guide by Transport for London. The guide gives details of how to set up a bike fleet, including what bikes to choose and what safety equipment to provide. online magazine

Velovision online Magazine from U.K.

Bike to Work by Carlton Reid and Tim Grahl ( 2008)

City Cycling , a book by Richard Ballantine

Myra's bike links


In Denmark

A short video from the Copenhagen City Council oncycling there.

Cycleliciousness: The best ever weblog on the cycling culture in Copenhagen

Odense, Cycle City in Denmark

"Towards a new culture for urban mobility”is the title of the European Commission's new Green Paper on urban transport. It was adopted on 25 September 2007 and opens a debate on the key issues of urban mobility: free-flowing and greener towns and cities, smarter urban mobility and an urban transport which is accessible, safe and secure for all European citizens. With this Green Paper the Commission wants to set a new European agenda for urban mobility, while respecting the responsibilities of local, regional and national authorities in this field. The Commission intends to facilitate the search for solutions by, for example, sharing best practices and optimising financial means.


In Japan

A short video showing how cyclists coexist with pedestrians in Kyoto, Japan.

Cycling in Kyoto, Japan.

Paul Dorn's observations of utility cycling in Osaka, Japan.


In th U.S.A.

Sheldon ( ".........." ) Brown. If it's bicycles you want to know about and it ain't on Sheldon's web-site, it ain't worth knowing.


2 short films by Ted White: The return of the scorcher and We are Traffic!



Victoria Transport Policy Institute.

International ( Gil Penelosa in Canada)


Put very simply, Bikely helps cyclists share knowledge of good bicycle routes.

It can be quite tricky traversing a car dominated city by bicycle, particularly when you need to travel an unknown route to a new destination.

But the chances are, someone has cycled that way before you. Bikely makes it easy for him or her to show you the best way.




Crazy Bicycles at Oobject