June 2010

Being able to carry stuff on your bicycle by fitting it with baskets on the front and back makes cycling much more practical, useful and convenient.  

Be prepared for contingencies by having a zip-up bag with tools, a pump and wet weather gear ready by the door ready to throw in the basket. 

Also carry some bunji nets and large plastic bags to secure your load and to keep everything dry in case of rain.  


 This setup was put together for less than $20 using a folding plastic box ($10 ) fixed to the carrier using 150 mm 'mending plates ($7.95) from Bunnings Hardware {N.Z} )

  It would be useful to have access to an electric drill to bore holes through the box to fit the bolts through and an electric screwdriver to turn the screws to fix the mending plates on both the top of the floor of the box and under and across the top of the carrier. Fix the box a fair way back on the carrier to allow bum room but not so far back as to throw you off balance when it is loaded ( with shopping etc) Putting a box-sized peice of plywood under the box would add strength and more durability to this setup.

You'll need to be especially careful when you're first getting used to riding with a load in either the front or back as it will affect your stability and you'll need to pay more attention to you steering and manouvering the bike.

( In New Zealand ) Baskets for the front of your bike may be available in your local bike shop but it may be more difficult to find larger ones for the back.

Saddle bags are another option that you could consider,-especially those which can easily be detached and carried. 

David Hembrow is making baskets for bicycles in the Netherlands.