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About me

My name is Gavin Crate and I live in Cambridge, England UK.

I first got introduced to Occam and the Inmos Transputer when I was studying at Essex University during my second year in 1987. I went on to do a third year project using a IMST414-20 device within a music sampler and synthesiser.

After leaving university, I joined an Avionics company where I banged on about Transputers so much that eventually I was involved in the design and development of a multiple Transputer based Avionics product which was very successful.

Over the years, I've gone onto design electronic circuits with much more powerful processors, but I still have a fondness for the 'old' Transputer. Hence the passion for developing the Win32 command console T414 emulator and this website.

The above photograph is of me within the computer science department at Essex University testing my first transputer board back in 1988. It was wire wrapped by my own fair hands!