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May 2017 - Release of the PC based T414 Transputer emulator (jserver version 5.8). 


Welcome to the combined Inmos T414/T400/T425/T800 Transputer emulator and Iserver for the IBM Personal Computer and IBM PC compatible, usually refered to simply as PC Transputer emulator. The diagram shows the functionality of the software. The emulator provides 4Mbytes of memory for the T414 transputer. It runs in a Windows Win32 command console (within XP, Vista and 7 32bit and 7 64bit). It emulates the timings of a 20MHz T414 Rev B transputer. The EMI emulates multiplexed DRAM with 3 processor cycle access (i.e. MemConfig wired to MemAD4). It essentially emulates an Inmos B004 and Inmos iserver on a PC.

This PC transputer emulator program started out as a port of the original T414 transputer emulator (called jserver) written by Julian Highfield in the mid-late 90's (refer to http://spirit.lboro.ac.uk/emulator.html) for both the Macintosh computer and common unix variants. The jserver program available on this website is now fully debugged and works with both the Inmos Occam toolset D7205a and the Inmos ANSI C toolset D7214c. A considerable number of functionality changes and bugs have been sorted over the past seven years with the original source code. The emulator behaviour now minic the actual Inmos T414 operation and cycle timing (as accurate as it can be done). The code has been modified to emulate a Inmos T425 transputer (by using the /SH 425 option). It was more recently modified to emulate a Inmos T400 (by using the /SH 400 option) and the T800 transputer with it's integrated floating point unit (by using the /SH 800 option). More recently the emulator has been modified to support multiple arrarys of transputers with it multiprocessor support (by using the /SN option), both running on a single PC or across a network of PC's.

This T414/T400/T425/T800 emulator allows Transputer executable file (normally refered to as bootables or .btl files) generated for a single (or multiple) transputer network connected to the Iserver via link 0 to be executed. For information, the Iserver is a host keyboard, screen and file handler. There are a number of example .btl files in the attachments (see Installation Instructions).

In addition, you can develope Occam or C code for Transputers without any hardware (for non commercial use of course!). The only stipulation is that you have the Inmos toolset software.  Ram Meenakshisundaram's Transputer website is a good source for (refer to http://www.classiccmp.org/transputer/software/languages/) the Occam D7205a and ANSI C D7214c software. There are installation and user guides for the Inmos Occam and C toolset at Mike's Transputer.net website (refer to http://www.transputer.net/prog/prog.asp).


If you have any queries or feedback, concerning the T414 transputer emulator or webpage improvement suggestions, please let me know. I will be happy to help. For all other Transputer queries please use the usual bulletin board website (refer to Usenet group - comp.sys.transputer or more recent forum group - comp.sys.transputer).

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