Tapio Henrik Jokitulppo

Tapio Henrik Jokitulppo

(email: jokitee@gmail.com)

Tapio Henrik Jokitulppo is a freelance translator who is passionate about teaching and doing translations. Though his native languages are Finnish and Swedish, he is able to translate from English, German, Norwegian and Swedish into English, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish.

He has been involved with international communications since childhood. He moved from Finland to Sweden while he was an infant of 18 months. From childhood, he learnt to speak a few Scandinavian languages and has been involved with multilingual comprehension ever since.

He loves teaching and translating from the common northern languages such as Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish. He has also learnt the German language for about 3 years, from the time when he was in High School. He has visited Germany several times on a yearly basis. This has helped him to improve his ability to speak the German language. He also learnt English since he was a child.

Tapio Henrik Jokitulppo is diligent, well-disciplined and conducts himself in a professional manner. He has been tutoring Finnish and Swedish courses for TalkShop and even for Makati occasionally. He has taken on translation assignments from Language Solutions and Makati (translating from English to Finnish).

Tapio Henrik Jokitulppo has translated Brahma Kumari Pari's book titled "Refresh and Heal Yourself through Meditation" (Virkistä ja Paranna Itseäsi Meditoinnin kautta) from English to Finnish. Pari found his translations to be accurately done, in a professional manner. She found him to be very co-operative and friendly. He was so easy to get along with. He was willing to flow along with what Pari wanted and was very professional in the way he carried out the whole translation of the book. Pari highly recommends this translator to whoever wants anything translated into Finnish and the other languages which he is familiar with.