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Torver Parish Council has decided t0 self-certify as exempt from the requirement for "limited assurance review" (external audit). It can do this because it meets the necessary criteria as a 'small' authority having a gross expenditure not exceeding £25,000 per annum. Removing the need for external audit will save TPC £240.00 a year. The certificate of exemption is No 1 on the list below.

Notice of the Period for the Exercise of Public Rights

In accordance with audit exemption requirements under Annual Governance Accountability Return (AGAR) TPC is required to make its annual accounts available for public inspection on this website for a specific stated period, which in this case will be from 17th June to 31st July 2019. But just to be sure I will make a point of not removing them on 1st August or until next year.

Annual Documents

Accounts and Annual Documents for 2018/19

Shown on the Annual Documents page of the TPC website

and attached here below for your convenience.

1. Certificate of exemption

2. Annual Internal Audit report

3. Annual Governance Statement

4. Accounting Statement

5. Annual Accounts

6. Bank Reconciliation

7. Variance report

8. Asset register March 2019