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Local Events Diary

Adam Palma - Solo accoustic guitar
Saturday 12th July in the Schoolroom
Details on the Schoolroom page

Sunday 17th August in Torver

Country Folk Music Festival
15th, 16th & 17th August in the Schoolroom
Details on the Schoolroom page

Walna Scar Shepherds' Meet
Saturday 1st November at the Church House (if )
Sheep show in the field by Brigg House.
The Summer meet is no longer held.

Coniston 14: 11am - Sat. 21st March 2015

Regular Events
Music Nights at the Bespoke Folk Café
Saturdays from 7.30 pm  - Sing, play or listen for free

Torver Tea & Chat at the Wilson Arms
1st Monday of the month at 2.30 pm

Events in the Schoolroom
Listed on the Schoolroom Calendar

Current Concerns

Details of the new (May 2014) plan for nine homes on the 
Old Goods Yard site at the junction of the A593 and A5084.  You can also add your comments on the Goods Yard Forum page.

High Speed Broadband is coming to Coniston.  Lucky old Coniston!  Now we need to make sure it comes all the way to Torver - and you can help.

Recent Stuff

Research by Harry Bradley
Researched by Tony Hacking.
A Confession

The ancient village of Torver lies in a beautiful wooded valley close to Coniston Water at the southern end of the Lake District National Park. 
    ‘Thorvergh’ owes its origins to the Viking Norse incursions of the eighth century when they got tired of all that rapin’ and pillagin’ and decided to settle down.   Of course, it was all mud huts back then (‘torf’ and ‘erg’: turf roofed hut) and most of them have gone now, 
but parts of the Church House (Kirk'usInn date from 1378. 

Want to know more about Torver? 
 Check out the Directory pages and explore Torver's past through the Village History pages.  If you want to know more, Torver's Village Idiot can be found most days sitting on a wall somewhere in the village.  If you give him a penny he'll happily point the way to the nearest pub bar.        Cheers!

If there's anything else you want to know about Torver, or something you think I've missed, please contact the Hideous Dwarf  (Site Manager).
That's me, the handsome devil on the left.

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