Computer Tips

Is working your computer a nightmare? Do you have trouble doing even the simplest things that others seem to find so easy? Well, don't worry because those 'other' people are probably lying, but nobody wants to admit what they can't do. That's where this section comes in. It's a place for sharing problems and solutions.

No doubt there are some who will read these Tips and scoff, "but everyone knows that!" Well, not everyone does, so why not try helping the rest of us instead of being a smart-arris?

If you have a problem with using your computer that you would like help with, email me (Contact page) and I will try to find the solution. If I can't find it I'll post the question and invite other subscribers to offer an answer. And I won't reveal your identity - your secret ignorance is safe with me.

Not much to show yet, but perhaps over time we can build up a useful manual.