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Restaurant Story - Appliances

Updated: 5/27/2012


Max: 18 slots at lv 73. 24G to unlock extra.

In Restaurant Story, you start with 2 free appliance slots. You unlock the third at level 5 and then every fifth and fourth level, alternating. At level 73, you will open up the 18th slot, which is max number of appliance slots you get for free. It costs 24 Gem each to have extra slots, which can be purchased at any level. Purchasing extra slot means you'll have x number more at that level than those who don't. For more information about the max number of free slots for each level, check out the Leveling page.

To switch appliances, go to the Build menu, tap on an appliance, and store it.
Don't bother selling appliances; you get 1/10 the gold back and none of the parts if it was a constructable/construbible.

Retired recipes can no longer be cooked. Also available on iOS only, goal recipes remain locked if not unlocked during the time they were goal rewards; no announcement from TeamLava if and when they will be removed.

Use Control + F to search for recipes.

Current appliances and recipes (and cooking time):
  • Basic Stove (Green Stove, Charcoal Stove, Orange Stove, Blue Stove)
    • Omelettes (5M), Fruit Salad (15M), Bacon and Eggs (1H), Grilled Cheese (3H), French Toast (1M), Spaghetti (1D), Clam Chowder (30M), Macaroni & Cheese (12H), Waffles (2H), Chocolate Fondue (1D), Morning Cheer (6H), Burritos (6H), Boiled Lobster (16H), Stew (2D), Lucky Breakfast (6H), Seafood Paella (16H), Garden Salad (30M), Corned Beef Hash (14H), Chocolate Mousse (4H), Turkey Sandwich (16H), Tomato Bisque (8H), Egg Salad Sandwich (8H), Creme Brulee (1D), Ramen (2H), Plum Pudding (8H), Reuben (8H), Curry (2H), Mango Delight (5H), Pork Buns (1D), Olives & Cheese (12H), Quesadilla (4H), Miso Soup (8H), Chicken Salad (30M), Stuffed Mushrooms (1D), Minestrone Soup (5H)
    • GOALS: Eggs in a Basket (12H) (1/24/12), Lovely Pancakes (16H) (1/24/12)
  • Forever Stove: Costs 42 Gems. Same recipes as the Stove but doesn't spoil
  • Sonic Stove: Costs 42 Gems. Same recipes as the Stove but cooks 20% faster
  • Basic Oven (Green Oven Charcoal Oven, Orange Oven, Blue Oven)
    • Bagels (15M), Baked Scallops (4H), Berry Pie (2H), Chicken Pot Pie (8H), Valentine Cupcake (8H), Pumpkin Pie (1D), Lemon Scones (12H), Cupcakes (1H), Pepperoni Pizza (1D), Strawberry Shortcakes (5H), Fish and Chips (1H), Chocolate Top Hats (1D), Quiche (16H), Oysters (4H), Apple Pies (2D), Potato Wedges (1H), Football Pies (5H), Baked Pears (8H), Baseball Cookies (8H), Chicken Tenders (12H), Roast Beef (16H), Roast Chicken (2D), Creme Puff (1D), Celebration Trifle (12H), Meat Pie (16H), Bruschetta (3H), Peking Duck (2D), Roast Turkey (8H), Glazed Ham (1D), Chicken Alfredo (2H), Bento Box (8H), Strawberry Crepe (2H), Beef Chow Mein (12H), Tiramisu (12H), Rack of Lamb (16H), Smores (4H)
    • GOALS: Fruitcake (4H) (Xmas 2011 - 2/15/12) , Chocolate Pretzels (4H) (1/20/12 - 3/15/12), Stuffing (8H) (Xmas 2011 - 2/15/12) , Artichoke Hearts (1D) (1/20/12 - 3/15/12), Holiday Ham (12H) (Xmas 2011 - 2/15/12) , Prime Rib (1D)  (Xmas 2011 - 2/15/12)
    • NEW: Maguro Mango Salad (5H)
  • Forever Oven: Costs 42 Gems. Same recipes as the Oven but doesn't spoil
  • Sonic Oven: Costs 42 Gems. Same recipes as the Oven but cooks 20% faster
  • Basic Grill (Green Grill, Charcoal Grill, Orange Grill, Blue Grill)
    • Cheeseburgers (3H), BBQ Wings (1H), Grilled Salmon (12H), Shrimp Kabobs (1H), T-Bone Steak (1H), Teriyaki Skewers (1H), Mutton Leg (1D), Cheesesteak (1D), Hawaiian Barbecue (4H), Kalua Pig (8H), Gourmet Hot Dog (1H), Grilled Corn (1H), BBQ Chicken (16H), Portabello Mushroom (1H)
    • GOALS: Heart Steak (2H)
  • Forever Grill: Costs 42 Gems. Same recipes as the Grill but doesn't spoil
  • Sonic Grill: Costs 42 Gems. Same recipes as the Grill but cooks 20% faster

Current constructable/constructible (check out the constructable/constructible section for more information):

  • Easy Stove: Same recipes as the Stove but doesn't require tapping for preparation
  • Easy Oven: Same recipes as the Oven but doesn't require tapping for preparation
  • Easy Grill: Same recipes as the Grill but doesn't require tapping for preparation
  • Drink Machine
    • Cola (2H), Iced Tea (4H), Root Beer Float (5H), Orange Soda (16H), Sticky Figgy Pop (8H), Lemon Lime Soda (2D), Apple Cider (2H)
    • NEW: Cosmic Soda (1D)
  • Sushi Counter
    • Tuna Nigiri (1H), Salmon Nigiri (30M), Sashimi (2H), Snapper Nigiri (4H), Tuna Makki (8H), Salmon Makki (1D)
  • Nacho Machine (Feb 2012)
    • Nachos (1D)
  • Outdoor Grill (Feb 2012)
    • Hamburger Sliders (2H)
  • Smoker Pit (2/16/12)
    • Baby Back Ribs (4H)
  • Shamrock Oven (3/15/12)
    • Cabbage and Bacon (6H), Irish Beef Stew (12H), Lucky Cupcake (8H)
  • Steampunk Oven (3/29/12)
    • Yorkshire Pudding (7H), Gear Cake (1D), Cog Cookies (4H)
  • Egg Stove (4/5/12)
    • Colored Eggs (4H), Bunny Biscuits (8H), Egg Bread (16H)
  • Food Replicator (4/26/12)
    • Star Pizza (6H), Sun Cake (8H), Atomic Cookies (10H)
  • Fusion Sashimi Block (5/17/12)
    • Kobe Beef Carpaccio (6H), Bincho Ceviche (8H), Otoro Tartare (8H)
Some appliances have been retired. You cannot purchase any new ones (but you can finish constructing them if you bought them before they were removed) and cook on them if you already have some out or in storage.

Retired constructables/constructibles:
  • Turducken Fryer (Xmas 2011 - 2/15/12)
    • Turducken (2H)
  • Chestnut Roaster (Xmas 2011 - 2/15/12)
    • Roasted Chestnuts (4H)
  • Holiday Drink Machine (Xmas 2011 - 2/15/12)
    • Spiced Eggnog (6H), Holiday Smoothie (12H)
  • Chocolate Maker (1/20/12 - 3/15/12)
    • Chocolate Hearts (8H)
  • Candy Heart Stove (1/20/12 - 3/15/12)
    • Candy Hearts (6H)