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Bakery Story - Appliances



Max: 18 slots at lv 73. 24G to unlock extra.

In Bakery Story, you start with 2 free appliance slots. You unlock the third at level 5 and then every fifth and fourth level, alternating. At level 73, you will open up the 18th slot, which is max number of appliance slots you get for free. It costs 24 Gem each to have extra slots, which can be purchased at any level. Purchasing extra slot means you'll have x number more at that level than those who don't. For more information about the max number of free slots for each level, check out the Leveling page.

To switch appliances, go to the Build menu, tap on an appliance, and store it. Don't bother selling appliances; you get 1/10 the gold back and none of the parts if it was a constructable/construbible.

Retired recipes can no longer be cooked. Also available on iOS only, goal recipes remain locked if not unlocked during the time they were goal rewards; no announcement from TeamLava if and when they will be removed.

Use Control + F to search for recipes.

Current appliances and recipes (and cooking time):
  • Oven (White Oven, Green Oven, Pink Oven, Orange Oven, Yellow Oven, Blue Oven, Purple Oven)
    • Chocolate Cookies (5M), Peach Cobbler (3H), Brownies (1M), Blueberry Muffins (15M), Chocolate Cake (1H), Chocolate Tart (1D), Carrot Cake (12H), Croissant (2H), Red Velvet Cookies (3H), Chocolate Cherry Trifle (8H), Fruit Tart (6H), Pumpkin Pie (2D), Strawberry Cake (4H), Sticky Cake (12H), Sugar Cookies (1D), Celebration Cupcake (6H), Banana Bread (16H), Strawberry Cheesecake (8H), Raspberry Macaroons (1H), Valentine Cookies (1D), Gingerbread Cookies (6H), Candy Apples (2H), Pecan Pie (4H), Madeleine Cookies (6H), Cinnamon Rolls (12H), Egg Tarts (1D), Angel Food Cake (2H), Sweet Bean Cake (8H), Red Velvet Cake (1D), Tapioca Pudding (3H), Blueberry Scone (8H), Peanut Butter Cookies (8H), Celebration Trifle (1H), Vanilla Cupcake (4H), Fortune Cookies (12H), Fruitcake (1H), Jam Cookies (2H)), Key Lime Pie (6H), Peking Dust (4H), Lemon Meringue Pie (16H), Cannoli (12H), Biscotti (4H), Eclairs (6H), Kiwi Cheesecake (4H), Apple Pie (12H), Blueberry Buckle (1D), Strawberry Coffee Cake (6H), Cherry Pie (2H)
    • GOALS: Love Muffins (8H) (1/24/12), Yule Log (6H) (Christmas 2011), Holiday Cupcake (10H) (Christmas 2011), Gingerbread Cake (4H) (Christmas 2011), Molten Lava Cake (1D) )1/24/12), Mince Pie (1H) (Christmas 2011)
    • NEW: Berry Rhubarb Pie (10H), Lemon Muffin (5H)
    • RETIRED: Holiday Donut (1D) (Christmas 2010), Pumpkin Cookies (6H) (Halloween 2011), Gravestone Brownies (8H) (Halloween 2011), Candy Corn Macaroons (1D) (Halloween 2011), Chocolate Cream Muffin (6H) (2/2/12 - 3/15/12)
  • Forever Oven: Costs 42 Gems. Same recipes as the Oven but doesn't spoil
  • Sonic Oven: Costs 42 Gems. Same recipes as the Oven but cooks 20% faster
  • Drink Mixer (Green Mixer, Pink Mixer, Blue Mixer)
    • Coffee (5M), Espresso (4H), Hot Chocolate (16H), Latte (1D), Egg Nog (8H), Chamomile Tea (1H), Sparkling Cider (6H), Mocha (30M), Love Potion (1D), Chocolate Milkshake (8H), Chai Tea (3H), White Spiced Coffee (6H), Cappuccino (12H), Oolong Green Tea (8H), Earl Grey Tea (1D), Matcha (1H), Hot Apple Cider (16H), Lemonade (6H), Donut Frosty (4H), Jasmine Tea (1H), Watermelon Juice (4H), Strawberry Smoothie (2H), Sweet Tea (30M), White Peach Tea (1H), Orange Blossom Tea (6H), Frosty Coffee (8H), Cranberry Cider (1H)
    • RETIRED: Candy Corn Coffee (3H) (Halloween 2011), Heart Coffee (4H) (2/2/12 - 3/15/12)
  • Forever Mixer: Costs 42 Gems. Same recipes as the Drink Mixer but doesn't spoil
  • Sonic Mixer: Costs 42 Gems. Same recipes as the Drink Mixer but cooks 20% faster

Current constructable/constructible (check out the constructable/constructible section for more information):

  • Easy Oven: Same recipes as the Oven but doesn't require tapping for preparation
  • Ice Cream Maker
    • Chocolate Scoop (2H), Green Tea Scoop (4H), Spumoni (2H), Banana Split Sundae (8H), Vanilla Scoop (2D), Strawberry Scoop (16H)
    • RETIRED: Pumpkin Ice Cream (1H) (Halloween 2011)
  • Deep Fryer
    • Sprinkle Donut (3H), Jelly Donut (6H), Donut Holes (8H), Chocolate Donut (12H), Creme Donut (6H), Donut Surprise (12H), Glazed Donut (1D)
  • Fireplace Oven (Xmas 2011): Same recipes as the Oven, different look
  • Dehydrator (CNY 2012)
    • Candied Lotus Root (1H)
  • Sugar Coater (CNY 2012)
    • Almond Sugar Cookies (1D)
  • Cocoa Maker (2/16/12)
    • White Hot Cocoa (6H)
  • Emerald Oven (3/15/12)
    • Rainbow Cupcake (1H), Blarney Stone Bars (7H), Shamrock Cookies (14H)
  • 3 Bears Oven (3/29/12)
    • Too Hot (1D), Too Cold (6H), Just Right (12H)
  • Candy Hatchery (4/5/12)
    • Marshmallow Chicks (6H), Chocolate Eggs (4H), Chocolate Bunnies (8H), Speepish Cupcakes (2H)
  • Treat Dispenser (4/12/12)
    • Leafy Smoothie (14H), Chocolate Soy Shake (5H), Fruity Yogurt Parfait (2H)
  • Classic Bread Oven (G) (5/17/12)
    • Hot Cross Buns (1H), French Bread (3H), Stone Ground Miche (6H) (G), L'amour Special (???) (G)
  • Big Apple Oven (5/24/12)
    • Empire State Cookies (8H), Taxi Cookies (14H), Liberty Cookies (20H)
Some appliances have been retired. You cannot purchase any new ones (but you can finish constructing them if you bought them before they were removed) and cook on them if you already have some out or in storage.

Retired constructables/constructibles:
  • Candy Cane Maker (Xmas 2011 - 2/15/12)
    • Candy Canes (9H)
    • GOAL: Candy Cane Cake (2H)
  • Marzipan Oven (Xmas 2011 - 2/25/12)
    • Marzipan (2H)
  • Truffle Maker (1/20/12 - 3/15/12)
    • White Truffles (4H)
    • GOAL: Dark Dusted Truffles (6H)
  • Fruit Chocolate Dip (1/20/12 - 3/15/12)
    • Chocolate Strawberries (18H)
    • GOAL: Chocolate Pineapple (12H)