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Bakery Story - Collectibles

Updated: 5/31/2012


Total needed to master: ???

When doing particular actions in Bakery Story, there is a chance that a collectible will drop. You need one of each in a collection before you can redeem the prize. Redeem by going to Main menu > Collectibles and finding which collection you have completed. Once redeemed, if it is a decoration, go into Design menu to find your prize. There is one item in each collection that is extremely hard to get, which seems to vary for each person.

List of action needed for the collection and prizes :
  • Floral Bouquet
    • ACTION: Buying wall decorations or wallpaper
    • TIP: Find something cheap, buy and fill up all the walls, sell, and repeat
    • COLLECTIBLES: Rose, Orchid, Lily, Tulip
    • PRIZE: Flower Trophy
  • Cooking Tools
    • ACTION: Tipping and buying floor items (tables, chairs, floor decorations, appliances, counters)
    • COLLECTIBLES: Ladle, Spatula, Rolling Pin, Measuring Cup
    • PRIZE: Golden Utensils (wall decoration)
  • Chef Implements
    • ACTION: Preparing/serving any food or drink
    • COLLECTIBLES: Chef Hat, Apron, Oven Mitt, Chef Jacket
    • PRIZE: 30000, 750XP
  • Baking Goodness
    • ACTION: Preparing/serving any pie, bread, or tea recipes
    • COLLECTIBLES: Whisk, Tong, Baking Sheet, Knife
    • PRIZE: Bread Baskets (floor decoration) (can also be purchased with 2 Gems)
  • Yummy Ingredients
    • ACTION: Preparing/serving any cake, cookie, coffee, specialty, or donut recipes
    • COLLECTIBLES: Flour, Egg, Sugar, Butter
    • PRIZE: 20000, 1000XP

The same prize can be redeemed more than once as long as you have at least one of each in collection, which will increase your mastery of that collection. Redeem a collection enough times and you'll go up a mastery level (up to level four) with mastery rewards (coins/Gems and experience) at each level. Each level requires more redemption times to get to the next level.

 LV  Times  Reward
 1 5
10000, 200XP
 2 ???
 3 ???
 4  ???  ???