Weight Management

The area of weight loss is an extremely problematic one in our modern world.

We are constantly faced with a barrage of advertisements that prompt us to eat foods that are just not good for our weight or health,

We have developed a liking for these products and get caught in a cycle of fast, convenient food, without time to prepare a meal, never mind a healthy eating plan.

Apart from the financial cost there is another price society pays for this quick fix convenience ie: ill-health, obesity and a host of issues linked to self esteem and self confidence due to being overweight.

We need to take responsibility for our health, and that includes weight control / management.

With just a little planning and effort we would find that it actually takes less time, and is less expensive than regular fast-food or take outs.

There are also several medical conditions which cause weight gain, such as cancer, diabetes, thyroid problems and also depression.

If you have inexplicably started gaining weight you should have a thorough medical examination.

Another reason why people gain weight revolves around how they are feeling about themselves, and how they are functioning in life. These can often be deep seated issues.

When people do not feel good about themselves or life, their eating habits become erratic and they often skip meals and then fall into the trap of comfort eating.

This slows the metabolism down greatly and then weight gain and lethargy occurs.

Then there is the panic of going on diet, or crash dieting which leads to yo-yo dieting.

The following scenario then follows:

The body receives the signal that there is not enough food - so it holds onto the food it does receive.

The body then utilises the carbohydrate and water reserves, using them up quickly.

This then leads to dehydration.

This water usage is often perceived as weight loss, when in fact it is water loss.

Once the carbohydrate stores are used up the body then turns to the protein in the muscles as a source of energy.

This leads to toxic compounds being released into the body, causing lethargy and headaches.

The metabolism slows down even more to save what energy it does have in reserve.

At this point a person stops losing weight, has no energy at all and generally feels flat.

Once off the diet, the metabolism has slowed to the extent that it cannot process the calories it is again receiving and simply stores them as FAT - thereby leading to WEIGHT GAIN.

Then, another diet is embarked upon and the cycle repeats itself.

This unhealthy diet cycle / pattern can cause serious health problems, such as nausea, dehydration, risk of heart disease, gout and kidney problems.

So, what is the solution or answer ?

The answer is to make real life - style changes, in a balanced sensible manner.

Balanced eating, sensible portions of the right foods, an exercise program, drinking more water and working through issues holding you back.

Hypnosis for weight control / management / loss works on a number of levels

Direct suggestions to assist in making healthy choices

Resolve comfort eating or stress related eating and food cravings

Assists you to deal with food related and other emotional issues

Programs your metabolism with suggestions to reach your ideal weight

Motivation for a suitable exercise program

It is recommended that clients be prepared to commit to 4 - 6 sessions

Using the power of your Subconscious Mind to achieve your ideal weight