Intuitive Guidance

Thoughts are energy. This has been proven in the field of quantum physics  in many experiments.
 In what realm do the thoughts that constitute intuition exist then ?
Can intuition be likened to what people describe as a sixth sense ?
And, what of psychic phenomena, telepathy and the power of prayer and critical belief ?
Gary has been blessed to have experienced all of these and has come to develop an unwavering respect for the power of intuition as well.
These wonderful gifts which are the birthright of all, are continuously drowned out by the noise and clutter of the world, and it is difficult to reach and maintain the quiet space which is needed for them to manifest.
These gifts are also, to some or other degree, components of healing, enhanced by the level of communication between the healer and the recipient.
These gifts or abilities are received from a Higher Consciousness or Wisdom, far beyond the realms of our normal consciousness.
                            The Mind thinks and hears................
                    The Heart thinks and feels...............
                Quieten the thinking of the world,
                    and allow the Thought of the Divine
to inspire the Soul to soar
                                    and then unchained, it's Light to shine........
Gary with Alan Grant

Alan is a dedicated energy healer who works in the Hillcrest region of Durban.
Alan works by quietening his mind and accessing the sacred Christ Consciousness energy, which then allows him to intuitively direct healing Light or Intention to where it is required.
In the process he has developed with Gary he works by focusing his mind on the client while Gary gently takes the client into hypnosis.
The application of hypnosis allows for the Conscious Mind of the client to be gently distanced from the process, effectively opening the Subconscious Mind to the awareness of receiving the Light or Intention.

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