Training Courses Outline

               Aspects of training covered in both courses

   Hypnotherapy                                            Past Life Regression  
                                                                      Spiritual Integration                                                                                      Therapy 

Methods for Therapy Preparation

Suggestive Hypnotherapy

Analytical Hypnotherapy

Parts Integration Therapy

* Typical Modules
* There are Core Modules and
also modules which can be
added to suit student requirements

Anxiety  Stress  Depression  Sleep
Anger  Self Esteem  Purpose  Grief
Smoking  Weight  Fear  Phobias
Nail Biting  Exam and Study Prep
Sports  Focus  Pain Trauma
Public Speaking

Code of Conduct & Ethics
Client Interview / Pre Talk
Queries / Assessment
Determining Issues to address
Susceptibility Testing
Techniques / Methods
Personality Type Assessment
 * Induction Methods
* Deepening
* Convincers
* Suggestions
* Some differences or adaptations
between Hypnotherapy & PLR

Methods for Past Life Recall

Facilitating PLR Process

Addressing client responses

Addressing client experience

Subconscious / Soul Connection

Spiritual Integration Process