What is hypnosis ?
                                  Hypnosis is a natural state of mind in which the Conscious Mind is distracted and
                         the Subconscious Mind is more aware and alert.
                         People enter into this natural state everyday in many ways:  daydreaming, being
                         absorbed in a book,  that lovely space just as you drift off to sleep, are examples                             this state of mind                    
        Is hypnosis / hypnotherapy dangerous ?
                        No, hypnosis is a natural state and hypnotherapy utilises this to benefit the client.
                        An ethical accredited practitioner will assess the needs of the client, in consultation
                        with the client, and in this way address the relevant issues properly.
                                 However, in the unlikely event that a client works with an inept practitioner for a
                        significant period of time, it would be possible for the client to feel worse off
                        than before they sought assistance.                                                                 
                                 It would be akin to constantly being in the presence of negative people, eventually
                        one would become negative too.
                        This holds true for any healing modality and therefore a client should elect to work
                        with an accredited practitioner, who takes the time to explain the process and
                        is open to any queries or concerns.                                         
        Does hypnosis challenge any religion ?
                               No, hypnosis is a natural state and hypnotherapy utilises this to benefit the client.
                                Hypnotherapy is a neutral healing modality.
                                Consult an ethical. accredited practitioner whose approach is client centered
                        and thus respects all religious beliefs accordingly.
       Is hypnosis / hypnotherapy mind control ?
                      No, the client always has a level of awareness and no suggestions would be                                   accepted  that are against the values, morals or safety of the client.                      
                      All hypnosis is self hypnosis and if at any point a client felt uncomfortable 
                      with the process they would quite simply bring themselves out.
                      Mind control exists in the fields of brainwashing and indoctrination, which are 
                              clearly not consistent with therapy or healing.
    Can a person get " stuck " in hypnosis ?
                     No, hypnosis is a natural state and if a client is left in this space they will quite 
                            naturally come out on their own accord in about twenty minutes or so.
                     If a person is working with self hypnosis they may drift off to sleep, from which
                     they will awaken normally.                                                    
    How long is a session ?
                     An initial consultation is normally about two hours.
                     Subsequent sessions are about an hour to an hour and a half. 
                            The time in hypnosis normally varies between 20 to 30 minutes.
                             For further info kindly go to the Consultation & Courses page. 
    How many sessions will be required ?
                            This is very much dependent on the particular issues being addressed, and the
                     co - operation of the client ie: following any Action Plan given to them, and making
                     relevant life choices to reinforce their intention. 
                             Deeper issues may take 3 - 6 sessions, while others only one or two.
                             Different clients respond at a different pace than others. 
    Can I get more personal information on what I wish to address before my appointment ?
                            Yes - please submit any queries you may have by using the form on the Contact                              Gary page, stating your specific questions and Gary will address these for you.
                             NB: Please remember that all information received from clients or potential clients
                      is treated as private and confidential.