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It is important to note that people are unique and one person's experience

of a problem or challenge will differ from that of another.

Therefore, the client's input is extremely important and the session is created to enhance this.

Two people may wish to deal with, for example depression, and while the techniques of

hypnosis remain the same, the content of the suggestions and how they are applied will differ.

The format is as follows:

  • My client's details are obtained

  • A thorough discussion to ascertain what my client wishes to achieve and any queries are addressed

  • The process - taking my client into hypnosis, using relevant suggestions,

  • and then bringing them to wakefulness

  • A brief review of what my client experienced should they wish to share this

  • An " Action Plan " may be given to my client to reinforce the process,

An initial hypnosis session is about two hours long, with further

sessions about an hour and a half.

Gary believes in allowing whatever time is required for the duration of a session.

Very Important

A Hypnotherapist or Hypnosis Practitioner should never diagnose, prescribe medication or claim to offer a cure for any ailment or condition.

Only a suitably qualified Medical Practitioner may diagnose and prescribe medication.