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Hypnosis is a relaxed state wherein the Conscious Mind, is distracted and the Subconscious Mind is more aware - This region may be called the Programmable State and daydreaming, meditation and deep prayer are similar " states of mind ".
In a Hypnotherapy session, powerful, beneficial suggestions are given to the Subconscious Mind, and these suggestions create new response patterns in the mind, relevant to what issue is being addressed.
Response patterns can be likened to learnt  behaviours or habits and they form what can be termed a data base, in the Subconscious Mind. 
For example: becoming depressed is a response pattern - so is staying depressed.
The Programmable State is in the lower levels of Alpha and in Theta - as indicated in the diagram below  - also, the critical ages from birth to 6 years old, can be considered pure hypnosis as the child has no conscious frame of reference.
Everything observed ( beliefs, attitudes and behaviours )  in parents become " hard wired " as synaptic pathways in our Subconscious Minds.
Once programmed into the Subconscious Mind, they control our biology for the rest of our lives, or at least until we make the effort to reprogram them.  
( excerpt from Biology of Belief : Dr Bruce Lipton )                                                   

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A person considering hypnosis to assist them in dealing with challenges in their life, should consult a practitioner who is accredited and subscribes to a relevant Code of Ethics.

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