Gary is an Accredited Hypnosis Practitioner, having trained and received his Masters Certification through studies with the South African Modern Hypnosis Academy  ( SAMHA ) and the Guided Meditation Therapy Institute ( GMTI ).

 He is also an Accredited Senior Practitioner with the GHSC and is registered with the GHR in the UK.   

The training course offered by Gary through Thoughtfieldhypnosis has been accredited by the GHSC in the UK at Foundation Level

Gary is a member of the Hypnosis Guild Of Southern Africa.

He is a Reiki practitioner , a Life Line counsellor and a  registered spiritual healer.

He has also trained up to Level IV with Touch For Health Kinesiology.

However, the focus of Gary's work is Hypnosis, assisting people  to make the changes that they seek in their lives by utilising this powerful modality

Gary is a firm believer in the power of the mind and considers  the space he works in as sacred.

He is guided by the qualities of empathy, intuition, humour and the power of intention - focused on the needs of his clients. 

Gary works in Hillcrest, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.    

Please click on the above image to be re-directed to a website -Startlivingmy life - where you can access recordings created by Gary.

Listen to information  in regard to addicts and addictions, the causes, and effects they have on  addicts and the people around them, as well as the role of Hypnotherapy in overcoming these challenges.