Distracted Workshops

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A series of improv workshops for improvisers of all experience levels age 18 and older.  Dates for our next series are TBA, but we're pretty sure early 2012 is looking good.  So keep checking back and we'll see you soon!

A series of 8 workshops on Shakespeare text understanding and interpretation for actors and audience alike (ages 18+).

Workshop 1 - A Bit of Theatre History   
Workshop 2 - Play Structure & Strategy    
Workshop 3 - Language & Images    
Workshop 4 - Verse & Prose Structure    
Workshop 5 - Mapping the Text   
Workshop 6 - The Text in Action    
Workshop 7 - Scene Strucutre & Verbal Fencing   
Workshop 8 - Set Speeches & Soliloquies

Dates TBA.  Please email us if you want to make sure the dates for these workshops are sooner rather than later.